ZFS- how to "move" mountpoints?


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Cool it both of you. I’m speaking for myself, not the forum, not TrueOS, not ixSystems, not FreeBSD. It makes it difficult to provide help.

I found the information I was looking for, in emails at home. I was helping @rehcla do this; I thought it wound up as a howto here, but maybe not. I looked at my posts, couldn’t find it, so maybe searching for posts by rehcla it’ll show up. That’ll give me time to clean up the email so I can isolate what we did and redact anything that may be personal. @Nate.Lee if you’d like to move this offboard until we get it done, PM an email address and I’ll send the cleanedup thread to you and we can go from there. Then once we’ve gotten it down to a sequence of commands that work and accomplish what you want we can make sure it’s posted again in the Tips/Tricks/Howtos. It’ll take me a little bit to get it cleaned up (a day or so, probably for Friday), I had a few commands wrong but they served as examples of “oh if this happens, here’s what it means and what we should have done” Error and Correction.

Let me now what you want to do.

Found it. @rehcla (big thank you for doing that) did post a howto of what we did. @Nate.Lee he used a single disk as the “move to”, but it’s easy enough to create the destination as a mirror and then do the moving. Or you can do the destination as a single, turn the single into a mirror, then add 2 more to mirror the mirror.
Why don’t you start with this, then we can work through any of your specific modifications you want.


We think mer is on the right track. And for those who want to read up on commands, we suggest: TrueOS Community Guides, specifically [Walkthrough] Move ZFS datasets between pools.


Awesome walk-through.


@Nate.Lee and I had a bit of back and forth through PMs; he was running into some unique stuff.
We learned:
If using recycled disks, make sure you gpart destroy -F and dd if=/dev/zero for at least 1 or 4 MB before doing the new partitioning.
Single user mode: don’t. There a probably some things that get mounted read only in single user mode and some cache files and mountpoints can’t get updated. Just make sure you have all your device names squared away and you can do pretty much everything in normal multiuser mode. Of course, don’t move mountpoints out from under yourself.

A lot of credit goes to @rehcla and @Nate.Lee for being remote hands and eyes. I mostly just put together a sequence of steps, some from memory, some from online, some from books (yes, another plug for Michael W Lucas and his FreeBSD filesystems books. Trust me, they are worth every penny and no I’m even getting a gelato from him or Allen Jude). Once you walk through the sequence, and do a bit of reading, you realize how easy it is to extend things by creating mirrors and other structures. The links that @TRON-DELTA added above are also worth the time (more official source than me).


Just got thru it. Sorry for the delay, big thanks to mer!!! So far things look fine, a month will tell. :smiley:


Glad to hear that so far things are working for you.