WWAN Cellular Card - Sierra Wireless MC7354


Checking to see if anyone has had success with getting their broadband wireless card recognized in TrueOS. I moved from Ubuntu where the card was recognized but am not having much success in TrueOS. Any suggestions is appreciated.

Note: It shows up in ugen


I just read this related FAQ and it seems like that card is barely supported on Linux, much less any BSD… I used to have a similar thing (probably still laying around somewhere) from Verizon, and I went in there and told them to shut it off, because I would not longer be needing it since it didn’t support my O.S. and I was no longer interested in running Windows. They showed me the little Mi-Fi devices that just gives out a Wi-Fi signal and upgraded me for free. Have you talked to your service provider about an upgrade yet?


Thank you for the reply…I went back to Linux on my laptop (for the time being) and the modem was recognized out of the box. No recompiling the kernel or anything else was needed. Going to the provider wasn’t an option because my needs are specific and not just RAW internet access. I am a bit bummed because I want to use TrueOS (BSD) as my everyday go to OS but if I was being honest I would have to say that my needs and hardware on hand are too specific at this time. Not to say I will not circle back (I might try again next week when I am not on call and have other WWAN cards in hand to try out).

I have another question in regards to VPN but I will ask it in a new post.