Windows partially obscured by panels


Lumina-screenshot opens with title bar above screen dimensions. was resolved (2015-10-14) –

… for any window - not just lumina-screenshot), and it seems like we finally found one that is reliable for any application window.

From more recently resolved Placing panel at top can obstruct title bars of windows:

With the most recent Lumina 0.8.8-Devel and the Clean window theme, it seems less likely that the panel(s) at the top will obscure any part of a title bar. …

There remains an issue:

  • new windows are sometimes partially obscured when a panel is to the left.

I see this frequently, for example:

@beanpole135 would you like me to raise an issue?

Or expect this issue to end when Lumina ceases to depend on Fluxbox?


This will be fixed with the transition away from Fluxbox.
No need to open another issue about it. :slight_smile: