Why do you guys use BSD?


Yes of course, but we must admit that there are far fewer eyes on the FreeBSD code which helps with the numbers.


My company pushed around US $1.8 trillion through FreeBSD servers and workstations last year so yes, I trust the security.


Illumos is basically OpenSolaris and whatever you could do in Solaris you can do with Illumos. Solaris was on workstations, running X a long time ago (default was one of the first Desktop Environments, CDE) rather nicely as a matter of fact. You can do all that today on Illumos (not sure about CDE). There is a distribution called OpenIndiana that uses Illumos in the same manner that TrueOS uses FreeBSD and then it installs a rather nice looking Mate environment on top. Live CD iso and Live USB images available to try. I haven’t completely explored the package repos, but they look like they are building a lot of the same things as BSDs, and Linux.

Looks to be an active CDE repo over on sourceforge.


Honestly, I don’t run much BSD. I’ve got a pfSense box, but that’s a set-and-forget appliance.

I’m super interested in running BSD though. I’ve been a Linux user for 15+ years, and over the past few years, I’ve found myself increasingly frustrated with decisions made by many distros. Using Linux no longer feels fun, and I’m hoping making the switch over the TrueOS or FreeBSD will revive some of that spark I used to have.


I agree with that line of thinking. There is a saying in the Saharan desert: “The dogs but the caravan marches onwards nonetheless” The French community will be better able to explain it. In the meantime, let them have the limelight.


A quick followup on Illumos. I downloaded the “reference distro” (OpenIndiana) and installed it on the Intel NUC I use as one of my TrueOS systems (test/play around system). I installed it to different media so it was the only thing, it installed fine, came up in their default interface (based on Mate). Ran pretty well. I had a TrueOS created zpool on an external USB drive, I was able to import that just fine and see everything on it, so FreeBSD 12CURRENT and Illumos ZFS are compatible. Typical warning about “not all features have been enabled, upgrade the pool if you want”. NOTE: if you upgrade a pool, be careful, sometimes you can’t go import it on an older system. It all depends on the features and flags used/enabled.