Why can't Trident be based on DragonFlyBSD?


If DragonFlyBSD is supposed to be very quick with parallel execuation, why can’t it Trident be based on DragonFlyBSD instead of FreeBSD and just install the DE and some other tools to make it easier for the average Joe?


was looked at, idea dismissed


Why was it dismissed?


Does dragonfly use ZFS? That you be a major reason

Does dragonfly use pkg? that would be another reason.

was not privy to those conversations


It uses HAMMER2 which is similar

It absolutely does use it, I have been using it.

Sorry what do you mean?


similar? how long has it been developed? How many high performance companies use it? Sometimes, similar is not good enough. How long as hammerfs been being developed? lot less than ZFS

does dragonfly use Boot Environments.

was not privy (privileged) to the original discussions


I don’t know tbh I thought it would be possible to replace HAMMER2 with ZFS (please do correct me if I am wrong).

I see.

Have you used DragonFlyBSD before?


from the conversations after the fact, no hammerfs does not have a reliable system that has anything like Boot Environments.

Was on my list to switch to 4 years ago. FreeBSD was simpler (more instructions online) on getting a desktop working


Well, you could install Lumina on Dragonfly, it exists in it’s ports.

DragonFly has identical package managenent and it’s Dports is a modified copy of FreeBSD ports.

Hammer 2 took time to develop but keep in mind that Matthew Dillion did it alone, from scratch and still hell of a lot faster than bunch of corporations and devs have spent on Linux’s BTRfs - which isn’t still ready nor even officially ‘stable’ after decade of development.
From Wiki:

HAMMER2 supports online and batched deduplication, snapshots, directory entry indexing, multiple mountable filesystem roots, mountable snapshots, a low memory footprint, compression, encryption, zero-detection, data and metadata checksumming, and synchronization to other filesystems or nodes.

It has snapshots and multiple mountable roots capabilities, maybe it could have something akin to boot environments…