Where to find TrueOS


I’m trying to find the latest Stable of TrueOS Desktop to install using an USB stick (.img).
So far no luck. I found .img for 18.03 and .iso for 18.12 but no .img for 18.12.
I’m not so even sure that the TrueOS-Stable-x64-18.12.iso include the Desktop version.
Where can I find this ?


the last trueos desktop is 1803

The trueos web page has pretty much stagnated this past year

Taken from the telgram channel

The TrueOS “desktop” edition has been discontinued and TrueOS is now a distribution platform (with it’s own server-focused release images as well).

For desktop alternatives we recommend:


in other words, here is presented “last TrueOS (stable) 18.12”, but we must transalte it as “Trident 18.12 stable” ?


also, last 18.03 is called “unstable”


Ok, thanks for the replies.
I’ll take a look at alternatives so.


I’ve however noticed that the “TrueOS 18.12 stable” there, has a very different iso size from the Trident 18.12 one, what does it mean ?
Someone should clarify the point

I think of Trident as TrueOS + lumina desktop environment
and applications.


TrueOS Server => TrueOS
TrueOS Desktop => Trident

-> all TrueOS releases since 18.03 (as in: after 18.03, as in from 18.06 on :slight_smile: ) are ONLY server OS releases.
-> TrueOS Desktop lives on through Trident since 18.12.

The TrueOS releases can also be used as a base for a desktop BSD release, like GhostBSD (since mid-end of 2018 releases) and Trident.

Almost 12 month since the split and announcement - and still confusion…

…maybe the re-/new-naming wasn’t such a good idea after all… :slight_smile:

Live session user name and password?