When will suspend to disk be available?


I am really interested in TrueOS and I have been using FreeBSD/PC-BSD for a long time,for servers and desktops. First of all, I appreciate very much all of the great work and efforts of the members of the community. :slight_smile:
I think it is crucial thing to have a suspend to disk be working properly, since the TrueOS is kind of aimed for the desktops and laptops.
I feel really sad to admit that I cannot use TrueOS because of missing suspend to disk, while I am satisfied with every other aspects of TrueOS/FreeBSD. This is too sad.
(I am moving my working places time to time so I really have to have suspend to disk.)
So, when will it be available?
I am sorry for just asking, not being able to developing it for everybody.


I know on the Devs Lenovo X1 carbon (3rd gen(?)) has it working properly


Cool. That maybe is the one with the hardware suspend support I guess. I am going to think about getting one.


Works also perfectly well on my T520 with the integrated Intel graphics card.

When using the dedicated Nvidia card I have to switch to console with Alt+Ctrl+F1 and then back with Alt+Ctrl+F9 after resuming. (You can also first switch to console, then suspend to disk and after resuming hit Alt+Ctrl+F9.)


Why didn’t I know about this “Switch to console” capability! Is this a TrueOS/PCBSD thing or an Xorg thing?

Does TrueOS have a listing of keystroke combination functions?

Thank you q_pa !


Glad I could help.

Switching between virtual consoles is not restricted to TrueOS/PCBSD, it is a UNIX thing.

The 9th console is reserved for the X-server. Maybe you want to have a look here: https://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/x.html#idp59914832

The trick seems to help with some kind of graphics hiccup.