When planned lumina 2.0?


this year can be expected?


What new features is it bringing??


It’ll be out when it’s time.

With the unexpected move of creating Project-Trident, Lumina 2.0 has been delayed proportionally.

rumor, there will be an interim 1.* release before 2.0 is released

Also read this article https://itsfoss.com/project-trident-interview/


I got too comfortable with TrueOS, Lumina and the rest, as is, so I don’t even look forward to updates or upgrades :slight_smile:
Maybe little broken here and there, the overall ride on top of FreeBSD-12.*/TrueOS and Lumina feels OK to me - hehe

Forgot to mention about recently upgraded FreeBSD-11.2 inside my iocage jail that is also little broken. So let it be, b’cause it doesn’t worry me :slight_smile: