What to expect in next TrueOS release


Hello! I am wondering when the next TrueOS release will be (June 2019?) and what we can expect in that release?





Welcome @sk2019. Not exactly sure “which” TrueOS you’re talking about, because meanings have changed.
TrueOS is the base server system, tracking FreeBSD-13CURRENT, Trident is the Desktop oriented release on top of that, tracking TrueOS-stable I believe.
Trident is releasing updates on roughly a week or two schedule, that is mostly Ports updates, but occasionally base updates.
As for when TrueOS releases the next “stable” and Trident uses that, I have no idea.
What to expect in that? Probably whatever they have pulled in from FreeBSD-13CURRENT and tested with. If you are looking for anything specific you should follow the FreeBSD mailing list for CURRENT



taken from the Telegram trueos channel

The TrueOS “desktop” edition has been discontinued and TrueOS is now a distribution platform (with it’s own server-focused release images as well).

TrueOS Download Site: https://pkg.trueos.org/

TrueOS Mailing Lists (google groups)

For desktop alternatives we recommend:

For people that want more details about the differences between Project Trident, TrueOS, and FreeBSD: There is an information page all about that on the Project Trident website: https://project-trident.org/information/heritage/