What is your favorite browser to use in TrueOS or FreeBSD?


The browser is one of the most important pieces of software on my systems since the internet became the central source of information. Despite this importance I never fell in love with any special brand. The only constant is my aversion against monopolists, irrespective of the name of the company currently carrying the most weight. I could never see the advantage of bending standards to comply with proprietary software.
Here on TrueOS stable (Lumina desktop environment) I am playing with UZBL and Otter but my main tool is Qupzilla.


I like Firefox, so seems 63% of the users so far. I think it looks good, it’s safe, stable and has plenty of options and good plug-in’s. I also use Thunderbird for mail.

Will this survey decide the default browser in the next STABLE update?

Funny with the IE6 option. That would make almost every Website scream “your browser it outdated!” :laughing:
Actually, now I get that “scream” sometimes even with Firefox since I’m still on PC-BSD with version 47.0 on my desktop (I have TrueOS on my laptop).

Now I’m almost sure I will change to TrueOS after the December STABLE update. But to be safe since this is my primary computer that has an ASUS motherboard and since I know that ASUS has been a problem child with TrueOS, I will first try to install on an external HDD connected with my USB adaptor to see if it goes in and runs.


After encountering problems surfing pages like Yahoo news with QupZilla, Uzbl, and Otter (which is not working really at all) I was looking for available browser alternatives in AppCafe today.
I am very, very, very glad to have found Pale Moon (look for ‘palemoon’ in AppCafe). That is my browser of choice on my Linux and Windows systems. Now I am able to use this browser on my main system (TrueOS 17.12 STABLE Lumina desktop environment) as well.
Thank you very much to that person, team, or group who ported Pale Moon to TrueOS!

I just came across this thread on the Pale Moon forum. Hopefully this discussion doesn’t mean, the just installed Pale Moon is disappearing again soon!

% uname -v | grep -Eo 'true[^)]+' ; firefox --version
Mozilla Firefox 58.0.1

No issues. And fast. And: “NoScript”-extension!