What is your favorite browser to use in TrueOS or FreeBSD?


Hey everyone! Can we get your feedback on which web browser you like to use the most in TrueOS or FreeBSD? Thanks!

  • Qupzilla
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Something Else

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What Browsers Are people Using?

It seems to me that Firefox is the only browser that works well in TrueOS. Unfortunately, it feels a bit lame.
Qupzilla cannot e.g. play Youtube videos in full screen mode.
Chrome: can’t find it in AppCafe.
Chromium is very nimble, but very often it can not open URLs (it takes forever, no progress).
Internet Explorer: never tried it / not in AppCafe.

I use (mostly) Firefox, but I’m not really happy with it.


Qupzilla is really fast plus I like the speed dial. Drawbacks are that it lacks support for video full screen mode and sometimes web page buttons won’t work like e.g. the “sort” button in Github. I switched from Firefox to Github as my default browser with the switch from PCBSD to TrueOS. In PCBSD Firefox was not really quick but acceptable. In TrueOS Firefox became so lame that you can barely use it. For administration of Nextcloud I use Chromium because Qupzilla does not display the contact app correctly.


I still use lynx sometimes though, but I like all the plugins in FireFox. I tried switching to Qupzilla and quickly missed all the plugins. Firefox has worked perfectly so far on TrueOS.


IE6? Really?

But if we’re making stuff up: Why not Vivaldi? Of the chrome stuff my favourite one. At least better than Crapera (Opera after it went crap by going from presto to chrome).
But actually, I still use Opera 11 as my favourite browser - just have to “open with (another browser)” more and more sites every year because they don’t work at all / look crappy / lack certificate support on that old bastard. But there is no other browser that I came across that comes even close to O11’s usability - even O12 is/was a step down.

As I understand, Qupzilla is a try to simulate some of the Presto era within a -zilla setting. But, just as otter browser, a sad outcome so far.

And vivaldi which is acutally made by former opera developers that left the sinking ship (idea-wise) is just capable of beating the current opera.

Back in the day I thought, well, they’re going to ditch presto for the chrome engine, so what, they still can keep the GUI. Well they couldn’t - or at least didn’t.
Lunascape shows us that it’s no problem running 3 different engines (not at the same time, of course) with the same GUI, so my initial hope was apparently not such a fantasy. But, well…

So, I can say, as of now, I don’t really care which browser comes with TrueOS because I don’t have any (current) favourite browser (anymore). They all “suck” - well, are leaps and bounds behind the good old and outdated O11… :slight_smile:

P.S.: I never liked FF. Just as I never liked WinXP - for me it was always what Vista was to the XP fanboys: eyecandy, big, round, colored buttons for DAUs. The last really good Win was w2k. Funny, how they all start sucking at one point… :slight_smile:

I hope TrueOS is still in the 95/98 stage, i.e. the best is still ahead of us! (Beware the ME phase, though! :-))


@to-user : I am 95% sure the IE6 option was one of @JoshDW19’s jokes… :wink:


Me too. Like 90%.

Unless he miswrote and meant IE11… or Edge… Then I wouldn’t be so sure anymore… :slight_smile:



I prefer Opera 12 as long as it works.
Then, I go with Otter.
When I really need to, Chromium.



This isn’t a very good poll.

Chrome is listed despite not being available for TrueOS/ FreeBSD. Sadly, Linux Chrome doesn’t work under the Lnuxulator so running it under a VM is the only option if you need/want Chrome. If its referring to Chrome in a VM, it should state as such but thats ‘cheating’ as its not really as TrueOS app, as with the jokey IE6.

Chromium should’ve been listed as an option and maybe there are some Opera users out there? I’ve not tried it but the Linux version of Opera is easily install able via the package manager, but then again so is Linux FF and that didn’t work for me.

I’m perfectly happy with FF and don’t why anyone would want to use anything else unless you need the Flash plugin that Chrome offers (under Lin/Win).


Chrome = Chromium in this poll. Even if I wanted to change it, changing polls is not allowed for obvious reasons after they have received votes. I’ve heard many people use the term chrome / chromium interchangeably. I have faith in the human race that people can figure out this conundrum.


Human race? People? You forgot this is TrueOS community. :alien:


Josh… buddy… I know you know how much I hate ponies… so I hope you know how much it pains me to post this… but I’m doing it just for you…


I don’t like the Qupzilla because the missing useful extensions and I like the Mozilla and the old Opera too.


This is an example of why I don’t like Firefox on TrueOS. Each Browser has the same 8 tabs open. (gmail, gcalendar, gdrive, irc, telegram, Discourse, github x2)

EDIT: Actually I was wrong, I forgot I had an extra browser window of Qupzilla open with a youtube video cued up. The video was not playing, however, it was just sitting paused. If I play the video Qupzilla’s CPU usage jumps up to around 75%.

With the amount of time that each has been active… WTF is Firefox doing with that CPU/Memory?

Firefox has one core of my CPU pegged all the time, and the entire interface gets sluggish and slow. When I type I have a second or two delay from when I type a word and it finally shows up in the browser window. I had to type this post using QupZilla because trying to do so in FireFox was too annoying.

Edit #2: I never experience these issues in Firefox on Linux/Windows. I have no problem with Firefox on either of those OSes, and use it regularly… but the point of this topic was browser use on TrueOS. For me, FireFox on TrueOS is almost unusable.



Thank god you guys didn’t add chromium. Chrome is the same thing and sadly it’s on that list… I just wish it wasn’t after all the privacy and security breaches chrome/chromium has done.


The Firefox and maybe the Qupzilla use only one processor’s core default (sorry my english) you can setup to use all processor’s core:

write into the address line (heading,headline) about:config and press enter after search in the setup’s list the “dom.ipc.processCount” and write over the “1” for the number of processor’s core are in your machine.


I’ve not had any issues with Firefox under STABLE (v53.x - except for the lack of a Flash plugin that we can do nothing about) but sadly audio playback frequently decides to stop working with Firefox 54 under UNSTABLE.

v54 introduces the default activation of e10s (electrolysis aka multithreading support) - I have tried disabling this but the same issue persists and the sound in web videos often breaks until I close and re-open FF.This wasn’t an issue with FF v53.x under STABLE.

I heard rumours of FF dropping ALSA support but it still seems to (mostly) work without pulseaudio.


firefox will, in the future, will force pulseaudio on everyone :frowning: