What Browsers Are people Using?


I have been trying various browsers, and so far the one that works best on my system is Midori. Qupzilla, Chromium and Epiphany all freeze on me. Firefox doesn’t update. Palemoon and Seamonkey just are too much.
Midori may not be the most visually attractive, but at least it works. On my system, of course, ymmv. I wish I could adjust the size of the Thumbnail boxes on the new tab. They are ridiculously elongated.

Anybody have ant thoughts they’d like to share about their browser experiences?


Realise, this is NOT linux.

As such, Firefox has to be updated by FreeBSD or the devs.

And the devs are working on getting the next update ready


You could take a look at this thread.


chromium’s worked fine for me so far.


I’m intrigued by Falkon, which I understand will be the default when Trident comes out. I think I’ll check it out now in TrueOS 18.03. I plan to clean-install Trident, and I’m using True 18 to test things out so hopefully I will be able to keep that kind of thing to a minimum in Trident.

I actually like Qupzilla and it would be my choice if not for the occasional freezing. Which makes me wonder if some of my problems are related to the old HDD I have True on. It’s 10 years old, and is rated “bad” by Crystal Disc. In fact, one of the reasons I put True on it is True’s ability to extend the life of old hardware. At some point I will probably put Trident on one of my “better” drives (i.e., only rated as “caution.”). Eventually I’ll bite the bullet and get a SSD.


Thanks. I have tried manually updating firefox, but as I said it doesn’t happen, now at least I know the reason. I only got concerned about updating because of the messages FF keeps giving me about its being seriously out of date, or some such. I need to keep in mind this is not Windows, or even Linux, but BSD, which is much safer than either. At least that’s my understanding; am I wrong?


I was wondering about it, updated pkg of Firefox 61.*
Will the updates ever end?
I have not done any updates to my old Doge Truck since 2001, and it still runs fine - lol


I got you beat, my Hyundai Accent is a 2000 with 170,600 miles and the only issue is it won’t go into 4th gear anymore.


Just installed Falkon. Fairly impressed. Looks nice. So far, no freezes, although some websites are taking forever to load. I think it’s a good candidate for the deafult browser in Trident.


using Firefox for a week now. No problems so far.


I’ve been using and abusing:
Mozilla Firefox 58.0.2
for many weeks now with no problems, other than getting Mozilla’s warnings that my browser is seriously out of date :slight_smile:


When Trident/TrueOS “shenanigans” are finally settled, I’d hope for 2…3 weeks release cycle for updates and security patches at least for ports and at least on unstable. Especially for web-browsers, which is relatively important for desktop oriented OS.
Not having to deal with rebuilding ports myself was one of the reasons I decided to try TOS instead of vanilla FreeBSD.

Even so I’m not driving extra new shiny car, I still prefer for it to be well maintained under the hood with oil change done regularly :wink:


There was nothing wrong with Mosaic, the GUI multi protocol tool, that did http, ftp, nntp, and gopher, back in the olden days. Can’t remember if there was even 1 update to it, when I ran it in AmigaOs :))
Was looking for Mosaic on fresh ports, found nada :frowning:

We need new, FreeBSD OS based, project, called “AmigOS” with updated port of Mosaic browser in AmigOS pkg repos - lol


You kind of got it. It just went through two major “upgrades” :slight_smile:
Mosaic -> Netscape -> Firefox


Just use the LTS Variant of Firefox. I’ve been using it since they switched to full-retard-mode with their version numbering and constantly break stuff left and right…
Makes it also much easier and less frustrating to use addons which also break on a regular basis when following the mainstream- (or better: beta-) branch.


I’m having some minor problems with Falkon. Some pages taking a long time to load, that kind of thing. However, Midori continues to perform well. I’m just going to stay with it for now.