What are the main differences between GhostBSD and Trident?


What are the main differences between GhostBSD and Trident? They both are based on FreeBSD.


To get a first impression on an operating system my first step is to read reviews on Distrowatch. For GhostBSD here: https://www.distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20181203#ghostbsd and for Project Trident here: https://www.distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20190211#trident. That gives you some ideas what to expect before putting systems at home in harms way.


One difference is that Ghost uses Mate as the desktop. I had it on my computer for awhile, and configured it to a very functional and attractive system. I’m not sure if you can install other desktops, although I don’t see why not. but you would need to know what you are doing as Mate is the only one included. Other than that, it is indeed very similar to Trident. Their forum has good support. I found it quite snappy and stable. but I was curious about Trident and finally figured out how to install it, after some initial failures. They are both great systems based on Free BSD.


Ghost probably offers an easier transition from Linux than Trident because of Mate…but I think it is essentially very much alike once up and running.

Firefox is the ‘built-in’ browser and works well…most people are familiar with it.