Whacked my zfs mountpoints, cannot boot



while I was trying to upgrade from 10.3 to 12.0 (which fails for me and others for yet unknown reasons), I thought I was smart and tried to execute a missing file from my local zfs tank while still in the emergency console of the installer.

Due to me not knowing how to correctly mount my zfs pool, I somehow altered mountpoints and now my system won’t start anymore.

Could anyone kindly point me into the direction of what mountpoints pc-bsd 10.3 is expecting?

I am attaching 3 screenshots of 1) Error message during boot 2) Error messages when importing via the emergemcy console and 3) the zfs list output from the emergency console!


Many thanks!


Could anyone please paste the output of

zfs list

here? With that I should be able to get my system booting again.

Thank you!

[kenmoore@CarbonWraith] ~% zfs list
NAME                                         USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
tank1                                       47.8G   179G    19K  none
tank1/ROOT                                  39.6G   179G    19K  none
tank1/ROOT/12.0-CURRENT-201612050948        3.16G   179G  3.16G  none
tank1/ROOT/12.0-CURRENT-201612060734        3.20G   179G  3.20G  none
tank1/ROOT/12.0-CURRENT-up-20170708_121415   185K   179G  7.92G  /
tank1/ROOT/12.0-CURRENT-up-20170809_135917   117K   179G  7.98G  /
tank1/ROOT/12.0-CURRENT-up-20170822_150727   108K   179G  8.06G  /
tank1/ROOT/12.0-CURRENT-up-20170920_081810  31.5G   179G  8.32G  /
tank1/ROOT/12.0-CURRENT-up-20170927_200826  1.70G   179G  7.31G  /
tank1/ROOT/initial                           129K   179G  4.13G  /mnt
tank1/iocage                                1.64M   179G  1.50M  /iocage
tank1/iocage/download                         23K   179G    23K  /iocage/download
tank1/iocage/images                           23K   179G    23K  /iocage/images
tank1/iocage/jails                            23K   179G    23K  /iocage/jails
tank1/iocage/log                              23K   179G    23K  /iocage/log
tank1/iocage/releases                         23K   179G    23K  /iocage/releases
tank1/iocage/templates                        23K   179G    23K  /iocage/templates
tank1/tmp                                    423K   179G  80.5K  /tmp
tank1/usr                                   8.05G   179G    19K  none
tank1/usr/home                              5.91G   179G   138M  /usr/home
tank1/usr/home/kenmoore                     5.77G   179G  5.49G  /usr/home/kenmoore
tank1/usr/jails                               28K   179G    19K  /usr/jails
tank1/usr/obj                                 28K   179G    19K  /usr/obj
tank1/usr/ports                             2.15G   179G  2.00G  /usr/ports
tank1/usr/src                                 28K   179G    19K  /usr/src
tank1/var                                   21.7M   179G    19K  none
tank1/var/audit                               28K   179G    19K  /var/audit
tank1/var/log                               21.3M   179G  2.32M  /var/log
tank1/var/mail                                45K   179G    24K  /var/mail
tank1/var/tmp                                336K   179G   130K  /var/tmp

You can probably ignore the “iocage” mountpoints - those are autocreated/managed by iocage when you start using it. Similarly, the tank1/ROOT/* datasets are the various boot environments I have on this laptop right now - so you can skip those too.


@beanpole135 Many thanks for posting this, Ken. It helped restore my system!