Website ( down?


when trying to go to I get a page with this message:

Error establishing a database connection



noted, and contacted iXsystems

thank you


Good luck the user guide can still be reached at :slightly_smiling_face:


should be back up and running in about an hour


Yup, is up and running :slight_smile:

But please tell me, where to find the control hash for the latest iso:

On the download-page the browse-links below are only for the 18.03-version :-/
(adding .sha256 to link as seems to be the convention doesn’t function…)

just browsing the tree:
shows hash-files has been abandoned??? o_O


They probably just got a bit sloppy with the recent core os/trident split. I wouldn’t use that iso until the dust settles down. And you’re probably after trident installer anyways, which is not ready yet.


18.06 is the new server install.

desktop versions are 18.03


Without hash-files there is no easy way to verify downloaded iso/img is ok. @RodMyers, if you could let the server devs know, kindly do.


Here are some hashs: