Vmware install freeze on link state changed to up


Is it just me? It’s freezing when it’s time to get an IP. If I disable the virtual network card it boots fine. Don’t see an option in vmware 12 for changing the type of emulated network card.

I’m using vmware 12 workstation on a:
asus prime x370-pro


Since the new Ryzen motherboard BIOS is always getting tweaked for various issues I’d first make sure you have the latest installed. Looking at the Asus site, it’s currently at 0604.

I noticed that the motherboard is using the Intel® I211-AT network adaptor, which I’m thinking is fine with FreeBSD… but, just in case Intel provides a driver that is available for you to try. (1)

Which CPU did you end up going with? Just curious, as I was thinking of doing a new build one of these days.

  1. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/64404/Intel-Ethernet-Controller-I211-AT


Yes it’s the latest; I check at least weakly if not biweekly for BIOS updates. But also I’m having different issues with hyper-v and vituralbox. I’m still testing the waters with it right now and honestly don’t expect that much this soon. That’s why I decided to try the 30-day vmware trial hoping having such expensive software would have faster support. I really wish they had a cheaper paid home/homeoffice license since I like being able to transfer vm’s on the fly between machines.

I wanted the Crossfire motherboard at first but I did a reality check and went for the prime both because I could get it sooner and the way I figure it the first gen boards and processors will have issues so I fully expect to retire this system sooner (within a year) from a workstation to a server which is fine with me. One good thing about the motherboard is that it has a serial port header built in. I directly went for two sticks of ECC memory off the bat so 2400 was good enough for me. Unfortunately the memory is dual ranked so when I go to 64GB the memory speed will go down. Within a year especially with the Ryzen Pro I expect Supermicro to be in the game. (Back in the day… I think 486 era I remember getting a Supermicro board from a quick build shop and regarded it as a cheap brand if you can believe that…)

For the processor I went with the 1700 since it overclocks just fine if not confusingly in the BIOS. If your only dealing with windows as your main OS and hope to vm Freebsd/TrueOS from there then you don’t have to mess with the BIOS as it will overclock and underclock on the fly.

I’m curious how well it will perform with ZFS as a background SAN. That way I’d only have to run one instance of Freebsd with multiple gigabytes and could scale others as necessary. Can’t wait until Bhyve has better support for Ryzen.


Hi BlueCoder,

It is possible to change the adapter type you should close the VMware Workstation and edit the *.vmx file (with any text editor) in the VM’s dir.
You should change the following:
ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"
ethernet0.virtualDev = “vmxnet3”

Then start the VM and you should be able to pass the network configuration