Virtualbox-OSE Crashing, Fixed


Hi everyone,

I’ve recently had some issues with Virtualbox guest VM’s crashing during hard drive intensive tasks (like apt-get dist-upgrade). I tried fixed/dynamice size VM guest hard drive space, 8-16GB allocated ram, VDI/VMDK,QED types, and 8-64 core count per VM. None of these fixes worked.

I reinstalled the Virtualbox-OSE pkg and noticed this message at the end of the install under “Troubleshooting”

If you are using AIO, then increase these limits (PR#168298):





To check if AIO is used use: kldstat -v | grep aio

I did some searching and it came here:

I did not have a /etc/sysctl.conf so I created the file and added the above fix.
*This fix worked for me and I have not seen any errors after a complete Ubuntu 16.04 guest VM install and upgrade.

Hopefully this can help someone else.


This was the right thing to do. /etc/sysctl.conf will provide overrides to /etc/defaults/sysctl.conf. So take a look in /etc/defaults and if you need to change a value for any file in there, add it to or create the same file name in /etc (like rc.conf or sysctl.conf).

Thanks for posting this; vbox errors are a pain sometimes.


Thanks for that info!


Not a problem. FreeBSD and most of the other BSDs are unusual in this aspect: /etc/defaults has config files but they are allowed to change as you upgrade. That is why you have the same filename in /etc providing overrides. An upgrade/update process will not touch the /etc version, but is allowed to touch the /etc/defaults version. Been that way for a heck of a long time on FreeBSD; it has saved me a couple times and bit me a couple times (when I forgot that).