Virtualbox freezing


I meet a problem witn all my VM in Virtualbox.
Since U2/U3 they freeze after 5-10min after starting.
Freezing with many Linux distros, WinXp, Win7, GhostBSD, Trident…
Did someone get the same problem ?
It’s very annoying because i use Trident as a host for all these VM’s…
Need help :worried:


how much memory does the project trident system have?

how much memory have you given to the VM’s?

Sounds like a memory and/or swap problem


Well Hi Rod, very happy to meet you once again !
My Station is 16Go powered and every VM has 2Go approx.
But after many tests i note that the rate of RAM seems to have no incidence of these freeze. And with the initial system (before the updates) all was fine.
Curious, curious…


pay attention to the hard drive.

May be an issue with swap? not sure


If you highlight the machine and press CTRL+L it will show you the guest log. That’s where I would start looking for clues.


Thx you guys, gonna run other tests, i will give you results