Virtualbox Critical Error - Failed to aquire the VirtualBox COM object


I am seeing the following error when trying to run virtualbox-ose:

I get a dialog entitled “VirtualBox - Critical Error”

inside the dialog “Failed to acquire the VirtualBox COM object. The application will now terminate”

Details drop down gives:.

Callee RC: NS_BASE_STREAM_WOULD_BLOCK (0x80470007)

Thanks In Advance


are you in the /etc/vboxusers file?


do you mean am i in the vboxusers group? if so i am.


that’s what i meant.

were you there from the beginning or just recently?

i recall similar errors if the user wasn’t. a reboot was needed


this is a new install.

i did reboot.

i get this same error each time i try to start virtualbox


in AppCafe, search virtualbox, and make sure you have everything installed.

if that doesn’t work, then I’m at a loss


I wiped everything and did a new install from the latest image and this problem went away.

This issue can be closed.

Another satisfied customer… :smiley:


weird, but glad you got it working