Version 18.03 --> version 18.06


I am currently in version 18.03 and my software updater is showing as being on the most current version. Not sure what to do.


you’re only option is to install into a Boot Environment :frowning:


First of… 18.06 is a server version with no DE. You can see that its size is just 825 MB, while 18.03 is 2,4 GB.
Second… If you’re a novice / not a RC tester, as I am, leave it there until the RELEASE version is out. Then hopefully it’ll shows up in your update manager.

At least I’ll keep my 'puter on 18.03 until then. To me the RC versions seems not stable enough for regular use since I’m not a tester. And I’m afraid if I install the RC and it may go south I’ll have to do a full reinstall, and then all my files that are stored on the disk go lost. Sure, I have everything backed up, but it’s a hell of a job to put everything back after formatting the disk. Specially since I have to rename a lot of files that I use Scandinavian characters on, like “åäö”, and they just get replaced by squares and strange stuff when I copy them.

All this together made me decide to wait for the RELEASE version that I hope will be more or less flawless.
Also, when the RELEASE is out I’ll first install it on a spare disk I have to check it out. If everything looks good, I’ll install it on the laptop, and then on my main desktop.
We’ll see when this happens. @RodMyers, you mentioned 18.12 earlier, but I don’t care if it takes a little longer, the main point for me is that it’s as stable as it can be :smiley:


There will be NO direct upgrade path from 1803. period. Too much has changed on the trueos base for that to happen. You need to be on at least RC1 or RC2 for that upgrade to happen. Since that is the case, might as well install RC3 into a BE and move forward. Nothing will ever show up in the update manager :frowning:

If you install into a BE, you always have 1803 to revert to. I have 1803 installed, but have upgrade from RC1 to RC3. I can always roll back.

I’ve had discussions with the trident devs this weekend. Part of the reason we (project trident) are having issues. FreeBSD is moving 12-CURRENT to 12-RELEASE/13-CURRENT. THAT IS not a smooth transition, which makes trueos unsettled. Trident is chasing a moving target.

In previous discussions, we were assured that 1812 would be stable, hence my words about 1812.

I’m running RC3 right now. it is stable, as stable as it can be. YMMV


Sorry to pester you, Rod, but if I may ask a dumb question.

Does this mean that 18.03 is now a dead end and will not receive any more updates?

If so, by installed into a new boot environment, is it just a case of me burning the image to a DVD and letting the install do its thing?

I currently have a few machines of my own that run the “server” variety of TrueOS 18.03 STABLE. Nothing fancy, they are console only and just host ZFS tanks for my NFS shares and one is my Plex server.

Again, I know these questions are stupid but I’d rather look stupid and end up wiser after the event.

There is no binary update path from TrueOS Server 18.03 to TrueOS 18.06.
I don't recall the TrueOS 18.06 install offering the option to install into BE.


trueos1803 desktop/server is DOA. NO more updates.

Before FreeBSD changed boot loaders, it was theoretically possible to move from 1803 desktop, to Trident. the devs were looking for a way.

Until this last release of Trident, I had 1803 on my laptop. With the change from Forth to LUA, the Boot Environment (BE) issue of NOT seeing previous BE’s became prevalent. SO much so, I did a complete re-install on the laptop.

Too many things out of our control. A fresh install is the best way.

1811 pre-release out in the wild. Discussion

Thankyou, Rod.

I know what I’m doing in the new year.


Would it be possible for me NOT to upgrade from 18.03 and just do manual port or package updates ?


no. too many things have changed underneath


I mean why can’t I just run manual updates in terminal ?

What’s running between FreeBSD and Lumina, XWindows ?


It’s been explained on here on discourse, and on telegram.

Feel free to try. it won’t be pretty


which has been explained?

truos architecture?
manual updates ?


why, it’s NOT possible to update from 1806 to trident

has been explained here on discourse


Repeating and clarifying what I already implied, I don’t want Trident. I want to keep freebsd updated on my own, and whatever software is running on top.

You could try building 18.06 kernel and world from source and 
installing it into a BE.
Then from that BE you could try updating to 18.06's ports packages.


we are on a trueos/Project Trident forum, so when you ask a question, one naturally assumes you are talking that.

your analogy is incorrect.

freebsd --> trueos --> lumina (desktop)

as for manually upgrading from packages. There are NO more updates from trueos “the desktop”

unless you are into editing/porting the whole ports tree, then yes you could manually upgrade. But why would you waste your time that way


So is xwindows part of the truos distro?

Not included with the installation media, but there is a port for TrueOS 18.06: