User Account WIPED OUT in Control Panel


OK great ! I can sense we’re really making progress here…
(Open the pod bay door Hal !! )

So now, logged in as “test” I try to create new user jimserac1. Now the user id is set on “auto” so maybe it was trying to create multiple users on the same id and that was what was crashing it.

Only after I enter the password and enter the default shell as /usr/local/bin/bash it comes with “Cannot Add User”.

Does “test” have to have Administrator rights to create new user ?



OK, bash is not there so I’ll install it (not installed by default ?? curiouser and curiouser)

But AppCafe shows nothing right now, “No Packages Found” for anything; maybe they are rebuilding their servers or something.

So I’ll wait, then install bash, then try again switching to bash as default shell from command line.



OK did it from the command line as per bsdtester’s instructions and it worked.

First checked that bash was there.

It was not, so I went to appcafe and installed it.

Then did the cat /etc/shells command that bsdtester showed (see above) and it responded with /usr/local/bin/bash.

Then gave the command to actually switch default shell to bash:
chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash

At this point it responded something like user account updated. but of course you have to log out and then login again before it takes effect so I did that. Then opened a terminal and it was clear that it was now bash, which I checked with which ps $$ and also double checked with the getent passwd ‘whoami’ line that bsdtester gave. [NOTE: which ps has quote marks on either side of it, the quote mark uner the tilde, upper left key on most keyboards under the esc key, but in this commenting system they don’t show, so I mention it verbally].

Will try out a .bashrc now and it should work.

Thanks again to bsdtester and everyone for the helpings.