USB mount and reading problem


Hi Everyone,

Hope I’m not in the wrong place but I couldn’t find an answer on the GhostBSD forum since I’m running it with the MATE desktop. I’m also a newbie and switched from Linux to BSD and not that particularly savvy with the terminal :frowning:

I can’t mount USB thumb drives and hard drives. I mostly operation not supported by device.

I’m also not sure which information to show here. Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



Did you use Linux to format these USB thumb-drives?


Nope, sorry, I should have said. Some of them are FAT32 and others Apple’s system. I wanted to switch everything over. I do need to go back and forth once in a while with a Mac.



I haven’t installed the latest Trident yet (I’m still on the TrueOS 2018-03 train) So I’m not sure if it still exists. If you get a chance go to the App Cafe and search for “Disk Manager” that is a GUI utility that makes disk management very easy and doesn’t require a terminal.


Gotcha, I couldn’t find it be OctoPkg acts up if I close and try to restart it. I’ll do that tomorrow first thing. Thanks again!


In TrueOS (Trident) you can open your /.autofs to get your mounted volumes.

Though here sometimes I have to stop/restart automount and/or automountd services some times to get it to work properly.


Thanks Sergio, I can’t find that folder, even when displaying hidden files. Do you know where it lies?



ls -ls ./autofs


They must be doing things differently on GhostBSD. I get this: No such file or directory


you are correct. GhostBSD and Project Trident do things differently.

See if this program is available



Wow, thanks RodMeyers, it is. I ran it in Admin mode via the command prompt. It shows all the volumes even though the computer says it can’t mount them. I’m trying to find a way to mount it from the program.

Thanks for that app!


I mount some things via command line. at times simpler than anything else


LOL, I’ve never been more intelligently coaxed towards the terminal than how you;re doing it :slight_smile: Thanks Rod!

I’m looking up how to do it. I guess I need to figure out how to automount next.


make sure you have the fuse addons installed.

for me, at times command line is quicker.


When you have trouble mounting USB drives, check Section 17.4 of the FreeBSD Handbook. Here is a link as of January 2019:

Rod Myers commented on fuse (file system in user space) because it acts as a go-between to translate alternative file systems and let you access them. Fuse will let you access drives formatted with Micro$oft’s NTFS.


Thanks Ian, I’m looking into and following your link. I appreciate your input a lot. Cheers!


Thanks Rod, I thought I had but I can’t see. I’ll reboot and see if it’s back. So far I see the drives. I just got back from a trip and will sink my teeth into this. Cheers!