USB joypad support


Has anyone here managed to get a USB joypad fully working under TrueOS? I want to learn godot to create my own games and it would greatly enhance the emus such as advancemame, ppsspp etc.

My Trust Predator pad works fine under Linux but I’ve not been able to get the dpad configured under TrueOS:

Also, see my comment (the latest) in this thread:



I think I know what my exact probem is with antimicro is now and I’ve devised a workaround for not being able to configure my dpad but I’ve yet to get antimicro to work with PPSSPP.

Other avenues left to explore include getting rejoystick to build under TrueOS or building antimicro using the SDL1 joystick API, if it still supports it.



(With PPSSPP anyway, not antimicro)

I built PPSSPP from ports and did a make config to enable the OLDJOY build option. After building and installing that version, my joypad works under fine under PPSSPP without any configuration under TrueOS or PPSSPP.

The controllermap package/port includes testjoystick and testgamepad but it doesn’t fake keyboard input too like antimicro claims it can and I had no luck getting its (or anitmicros) SDL2 controller string working with PPSSPP.