Understanding Insight


The reason why ‘Insight’ could be considered useful is certainly its ability to grab files from snapshots back.
For this purpose, it might be helpful to understand the thoughts that led to the behavior of ‘Insight’.
Maybe I am the only one who has problems with it, sometimes it seems to me that I am the only one who would like to use snapshots.
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There are back and forward arrow-buttons to switch snapshots. When I click several times on the back-arrow-button, I can see the content of a folder how its was at a certain time, but time jumps back and forth instead step-by-step back.
Alternatively, I can choose a snapshot from the drop-down-list at the left of the ‘timeline’. If I do so (ex: auto-2017-10-12-13-20-00) it might be that I see the content of the folder as it was at the time of the snapshot, but in the drop-down-list-button is indicated a funny date-time (11.10.17 23:43), which might correspond to the snapshot in some way - but I can’t imagine how is does so.
I would prefer to see what I have selected from the list, and not something what I never can select from that list.
For the timeline-back-forth mode it might be useful to sort the list of snapshots descending by snapshot-date/time.

Another funny thing is that the name of the app ‘Insight’ is translated to other languages. Nobody has done such with ‘Firefox’, ‘Calibre’, ‘Thunderbird’, ‘Evolution’ … The english names of apps rarely make sense, the translations do make even less sense.

Sure, I know I’m a nagger, so I can not avoid myself.

edit: ‘One more thing…’ When I delete a file within Insight I get one of these ‘do yo really want’ messages, even if that file is contained in a snapshot. In caja I switched off that warning for it is needless like a trash-bin in an OS that supports snapshots, so one can get his/her accidentally deleted files back from the snapshot.


Let me see if I can understand what you are saying:

  1. Changing a snapshot with the slider or arrow buttons is not persistant: it automatically changes back to the “current” system.
  2. Using the list on the left to change snapshots, the snapshot name you select does not show up, but instead you see a date/time when the snapshot changes.
  3. Recommend sorting the snapshots by date/time on the time slider.
  4. “Insight” is translated, but other app names are not
  5. (added later in an edit) Popup dialog verifications for file deletes are unneccesary when that file exists within a snapshot.


  1. There was a really old version of Insight that had that bug, but it was fixed a long time ago. You should be on Lumina version 1.3.0 by now, and if not you should try updating.
  2. The button which corresponds to the list is used to show the date/time of the current snapshot, since more often than not the snapshot names are long auto-generated hashes and not really all that useful. the pulldown menu lets you see and select a snapshot by name if you like, but ultimately the timestamp on the snapshot is more important.
  3. They already are. The timestamps that you see on the left correspond to the date/time that the snapshot was made, and all the snapshots are sorted by that (oldest on left, newest on right).
  4. Application translations are supplied via the FreeDesktop/XDG specifications. Just because Insight has some translations available and other apps do not is not really our concern.
  5. Since Insight does not have a “trash bin” like other file managers, we wanted to make sure that people are always warned about a file deletion since it is permanent. Insight does not currently scan through all your snapshots to see if that file exists within a snapshot first, in which case we could probably dispense with the dialog, but there are other logistical issues with that approach that we still need to work through before we try to “predict” what the user actually wants when they ask to delete a file.

  1. misunderstood
    When I go back from ‘current’ I get the latest ‘daily’ snapshot, then the second ‘daily’ then the third and after that the latest 5-minute-snap, then the 5-minute-snap before the latest and so on. For that I suggested to sort the list.
    edit: Probably the problem only shows with snapshot option ‘auto’
  2. I think that what the button shows should correspond to the list from that I’ve selected the snapshot. If the list shows date/time, that’s good for the button too, if the list shows snapshot-names the button should do so too.
    And I still don’t understand why I get ‘11.10.17 23:43’ when I have selected ‘auto-2017-10-12-13-20-00’ from the list. The snapshot is from today, the date shown from yesterday.
  3. Maybe the sort-criteria choosen is not the best?
  4. I don’t want translated app-names -even they are funny. they make no sense. Should I titel this topic with ‘Understanding Kompreno’?
  5. OK - maybe later. I think it’s not that complicated. Get snapshot-interval and file-change time/date - it’s done.


Did a new install with the latest STABLE, leaving language and localization on default. Same, failed sorting of snapshots: