Unable to Install True OS on InspironPC


I tried to install the 7/5/17 release of TrueOS (or, most recent) and was unable to do so. The install simply failed halfway through with the message ‘Unretryable Error.’ FAILED.

I wasn’t trying to do anything fancy, just install it from the .iso image DVD onto a standard Dell Inspiron PC with 16 gigs of RAM onto a 300 gig hd.

Anyone else had this issue?


bios or uefi? whole disk or partition?

did the checksum match the ISO image?

can you try grabbing the IMG and writing to a USB drive?


To answer your question: BIOS/whole disk and I am embarrassed to admit, I
didn’t run a check sum.

I will try the USB IMG and let you know what happens.

Thanks for your helpful reply.


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