Un-maintained packaes included in trueos-toolchain


last nite I installed trueos-toolchain and at the end were two messages about ports that are un-maintained and possibly buggy and may be removed. Specifically py27-pystemmer & zziplib.
I dont know if this might be a possible problem or not. just want to bring it to the attention of whoever maintains the toolchain.


they are un-maintained upstream in FreeBSD.

nothing the TrueOS devs can dp


No, probably not. but the toolchain is and since the toolchain is used by the trueos ( potential) application developers, they may have overlooked or just forgotten they saw the messages. you know, ‘Senior Moments’ ? I had those even at 20!! AKA CRS but I wont expand on that here. :slight_smile:
What I mean is the maintainer(s) of the toolchain, whoever they are, may want to remove those two packages from the toolchain unless are proven not buggy and are needed. I dont know, just trying to help in a small way.


The dependencies of the “trueos-toolchain” packages are actually fairly small, and I don’t see the “py27-pystemmer” and “zziplib” packages listed. It is probably a package farther down the dependency chain which is sucking those two in which just needs to be updated:

For example, “trueos-toolchain” depends on python27 for the sphinx documentation build framework:

trueos-toolchain -> py27-sphinx -> py-snowballstemmer -> py-pystemmer


trueos-toolchain -> tex-formats -> texlive-texmf -> texlive-base -> zziplib

So it would probably be best to talk to the maintainers of the “texlive-base” and “py-snowballstemmer” packages about cleaning up their port dependencies if possible.



Hi beanpole,
My only reason for bringing it up was that I noticed it on installation and was reasonably sure somebody like you might want to know.
It was just intended as a ‘heads up’ anyhow.
I know all too well how easy it is to get distracted and forget about such matters, or It might not be of any real concern. Most likely somebody modified it so it would load and run under FreeBSD then went on to other important matters and nobody ever claimed as a maintainer.