Trying to Browse Insight Samba Shares under /net hangs in FreeBSD 11.1


I have been trying to figure out how to mount Samba shares from my FreeNAS server to Insight file manager on my Lumina desktop, but so far without success. When I type in my FreeNAS IP or netbios name at /net/<IP> or <netbios>, Insight just hangs and ultimately does nothing. My Lumina DE is installed on FreeBSD 11.1 with autofs and samba47 installed and enabled. Is there something else I need installed/enabled/configured to get this working? A while back I was able to view my FreeNAS samba shares on a TrueOS VM using Insight.


I did a fresh install of the 18.03 release on three different machines. Confirm : Insight does not connect. I installed Dolphin (along with 600mb of dependencies, yikes!) and it works instantly.