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FreeBSD USB Disk and ZVOL Encryption with GELI


How to change boot-up delay and root password.

To change the timing of boot-up delay go to:


Edit the last line in the loader.conf file to desired delay at:

Speed up boot time
autoboot_delay="02"   <-- indicates delay in seconds

To change root password

During system boot-up, enter a single user mode

Then type:

mount -uw /

Next type:


Enter your new password for root

Next type:


Now, you can login with your new root’s password :slight_smile:


man loader.conf:

     /boot/defaults/loader.conf  default settings -- do not change this file.
     /boot/loader.4th            defines the commands used by loader to read and
                                 process loader.conf.
     /boot/loader.conf           user defined settings.
     /boot/loader.conf.local     machine-specific settings for sites with a common


#UEFI graphics screw up


A quick Life Preserver howto - Thank you @michael.ger