TrueOS successfully installed, but doesn't boot


I have successfully installed TrueOS from TrueOS-Desktop-18.03-x64-USB.img on my second HDD. Strange enough, it installed a BSD boot loader that can boot a previously installed FreeBSD and GRUB from the first HDD, but not TrueOS itself.

The boot menu shows the following entries:

F1 FreeBSD (should be TrueOS)
F2 FreeBSD
F5 First HDD

When pressing F2, it boots FreeBSD. Pressing F1 starts GRUB from the first HDD. Pressing F5 or F6 also starts GRUB from the first HDD.

So what kind of magic do I have to apply to start TrueOS?


Get rid of grub as it’s no longer supported in TOS?

  • fixgrub: This option is scheduled for removal as GRUB is no longer supported by TrueOS®.


good catch. saw it but did not register


GRUB is installed am my first HDD and I need it to boot the Linux distros from this disk. But GRUB is not the problem here at all.

The problem is: The boot loader that got installed during the TrueOS installation does boot FreeBSD but does not boot TrueOS.