TrueOS Server "Start Text Install" does nothing


Just downloaded the DVD of the server variant of 2017-02-22. The OS/installer boots up but when I press enter on “Start Text Install” nothing happens. I can arrow down to utilities or reboot and then press enter and both of those work, but when the top option is highlighted and enter is pressed absolutely nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?


For what it’s worth I just downloaded the desktop installer DVD and it works fine. I went through the choices to do a text install of the server variant and it cruised right through.


This appears to still be the case with the 3/31 version of the TrueOS server DVD.


don’t get to attached to the text installer, for either ISO/IMG. rumor has it the text installed will be depreciated


That rumor is correct. We are taking advantage of the build server failure / downtime to do work on the installer/iso right now (much smaller package set to build on other systems). You should find some nice changes coming out with the next round of updates… :wink:


As you work on the installer could you make sure that it will be possible to install TrueOS on cloud providers like Linode? Even though Linode has “glish” (graphical LiSH) it looks like whatever adapter it presents is not what TrueOS expects.


What Linode/glish expects from a VM is not our concern - that would be better to ask the Linode developers.
That being said, we are going to be changing the video output on the installer itself to only use SCFB or VESA here soon - that will allow us to start including all the various graphics driver packages on the install media so the user can select which one they actually want to install/use for TrueOS (including legacy drivers, like nvidia-drivers-[340,304]).


If the intention is to use TrueOS server on linode one coule install stock freebsd, clone trueos/freebsd, buildkernel, installkernel, buildworld, installworld. That would convert a FreeBSD base to TrueOS base. The only other needed step would be to clone trueos/freebsd-ports, and install trueos-server port for sysadm, and other tools. If linode allows a predefined image we could look into making a vps image for it as well.