TrueOS on Asus ROG laptop



I have an Asus ROG GL552VW with i7-6700HQ cpu, Intel Corporation HD Graphics 530, NVIDIA Corporation GM107M [GeForce GTX 960M] and Intel Corporation Wireless 7265.

I have tried to install TrueOS on it, but the installer hangs at the clean-up stage.

When I need to boot Linux, some distros need disabling the nouveau driver and explicitly specify Intel as xdriver on the kernel command-line.

Is there a workaround to get TrueOS installed on this laptop? Hanging prevents me from switching to tty or do anything. My only option is to force a poweroff.

Thanks in advance


In the BIOS, you would nee to turn off the nvidia video card


Thanks for your replay RodMyers; but in my BIOS there is nothing about enabling/disabling video cards as far as I can see.

I am booting UEFI if that helps.

Thanks again


that’s not a good thing. FreeBSD/TrueOS has issues, installing withe 2 video cards enabled. :frowning:


My laptop doesn’t have such option in BIOS, as well. But I’m running fine TrueOS with Intel video driver (or better, modesetting).

Edit: when installing, I did NOT install NVIDIA drivers.


I think to switch off the intel card in the BIOS is not a good idea, bacause the NVIDIA card is only a GPU. I think if you switch off the intel card than you will got a VGA screen with 3D rendering, the intel card is the responsible for the HD resolution.
If you have an NVIDIA optimus supported laptop, than when you start a system instal at the beginning don’t choose any video (!) driver just when the system install is ready and the system will ask which driver would you like to use. Than you have to choose the intel driver (if you intalled in legacy BIOS mode) if you intalled in UEFI than choose the scfb driver (you have to be careful because the UEFI is vulnerable!).
The complete setup is an optimus laptop is a little bit difficult, you need a lot of correct setup (drivers.txt, alias.txt, nvidia9x-pciid, templates, headers,extensions, nvidia 3D enable etc etc etc) and some other problems (for example the xorg libglx and the nvidia installed libglx has same name, some setup in the init.d etc etc) . To setup the xorg.conf and write some nvidia.conf and intel.conf is not enough.


Thank you all. Actually the installation can not go through…It hangs as I mentioned above. I never choose a driver during the installation. All that I do is choose the partition onto which to install the system. I was doubting a problem with boot-loader installation given that the EFI partition is on an NVMe disk, while the installation goes on another SSD.

Thank you again


Food for thought. TrueOS is based on FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT, you should be able to grab any of the installations and see if it installs -->

GhostBSD is using both FreeBSD 10.* & FreeBSD 11.* at the moment. Those may be options as well