TrueOS - News, How to do ... etc


Hi as a ubuntu user I have used many interesting sites to get information about: How to set up things properly and regarding latest support…
Since things change fast looking I five different handbooks like trueOS-, lumia-, and freebsd handbook. Is very time consuming.

One sample page is or Hak5 on YouTube … which are perfekt and focused to the topic.

Are their similar stuff and content around trueOS available yet. It would be great support if let me know …


here, maybe as well


Is there usable search creteria or channel I could use. I find to many reviews rather then explaing how to over come…


with TrueOS being a little over 2 years old, this is it.

unlike linux which is over 20+(?)


Don’t waste Your time with boring movies.
Start here:

% man -k intro | grep '^intro'
intro, introduction(1) - introduction to general commands (tools and utilities)
intro, errno(2) - introduction to system calls and error numbers
intro(3) - introduction to the C libraries
intro(4) - introduction to devices and device drivers
intro(5) - introduction to file formats
intro(6) - introduction to games
intro, miscellaneous(7) - miscellaneous information pages
intro(8) - introduction to system maintenance procedures and commands
intro(9) - introduction to system kernel interfaces


Really great advice. Thanks… I will certainly have a look at it…

The only down side none trueOS user can not have a look at it.


Installing atom-editor
I found this looks like better solution for coding work :

Is anyone using atom-editor on trueOS?!


and with those instructions, you will screw up your TrueOS desktop


Is their a better description or is their a different way to achieve that?!?


Read the handbook.

When I get home, I’ll look at script, do the portsnap from the script


anything that mentions portsnap , will get your system in stat, only recovery is moving back one BE


Atom editor is not available on TrueOS yet. There is a port being tested now and their releases for atom,vscode and electron are only compiled for FreeBSD 11. TrueOS is based on FreeBSD 12.

However, if you’re looking for a new text editor I can’t recommend vim enough. You can make it look as nice as you want, there are loads of plugins, and when you get the hang of it you can really work fast. Oh and since it’s a command line application, you can run it from anywhere.


I second the Vim comment.


Hello All!
I want to find out if anyone is using any options in the make.conf file, using TrueOS just as a desktop user system (non as programmer, non as tester). I mean the optimization for building programs from ports, as I have in FreeBSD. For example, do you need set to default the version of Perl, Linux_base, etc.


in the TrueOS handbook, will explain using the FreeBSD ports system


I don’t know if the handbook says this (yes, I’m being lazy and not reading it), but if you git clone the and cd build-files/conf/desktop you’ll find “port-make.conf” which has the default values that are being used to build the packages.


Maybe I was misunderstood. In handbook general information that, where and for what,
I’m interested in the state of make.conf (by default it is empty). Whether there is a sense to fill it, that the system was guided with what version to compile this or that software. It’s just a matter of knowing, not a snob.
I deal with ports in FreeBSD and how they meet, where you can see the dependencies - that I know. TrueOS is something new in my practice and the information of handbook is not enough.
In the community, this question seems to be raised for the first time.


for you, all the handbook will do is tell you how to get the ports tree, using TrueOS as the base, not FreeBSD

In particular, which port has no makefile?


Please note this was only a question, not a claim to the TrueOS guru.
From the ports I was assembled to anything, without “tuning”, with the exception of the linux-telegram-desktop, which during the installation of linux_base-c7
Fail to rename /compat/linux/.run.AQ9CREuyQhC4 -> /compat/linux/run:Is a directory
And the linux_base-c7 is not installed either from ports or via AppCafe.
And with the previous version there are no problems (through ports or AppCafe). But due to the conflict, as well as the dependence on the linux_base-c6, I stalled in this moment. To say that this is critical for me is not so. But my knowledge is clearly not enough to resolve this issue.


I pointed out the trueos-core git repo that contains items used when packages and distributions are built. As part of that, there is a file named port-make.conf which if one looks at it, contains values that can be put into the standard /etc/make.conf to build the packages the way that the distribution does.
If you want ports built as the packages are, you should probably git clone the trueos-core repo and at least look through it because it has a lot of the configuration and scripts used to build a distribution.

If this does not at least partially answer your question, then I’m sorry, I don’t know what you want.


Thank you. You gave the most comprehensive answer.
I heard and understood you.
Thanks again.