TrueOS full version on usb stick


I all, I’m not going to ask about a live distribution which I read not even exists.
Recently I’ve fully installed Ubuntu 16.04 on an Usb 3 pendrive (connected to an usb 3 port).
Started the installation interface, choosen the usb volume as destination of both OS distribution and Grub as well: done.
Now I can run Ubuntu 16.04 when the USB 3 stick is connected, working fast and smooth, without having touched neither the HD nor his boot Sector.
Is there the chance to operate same installation with TrueOs ?
Some experience on it?
Thank you


I am running TrueOS on a USB stick on my office Mac Mini from June without problem.
I have installed the OS on a 16GB USB stick from the TrueOS installer.


Yes - when you boot up the TrueOS installer you should be able to select a USB stick as the install target on the “Disk Setup” page of the installer. Just click the “customize” button on that page to change the default configuration - there are basic/advanced wizards to walk you through it.


thanks both of you.
Sure that the boot loader will be placed in the usb stick and not in the HD?
That is a priority.
In my Ubuntu installation, the installer asked specifically where I wanted Grub to be


I’ve read the installation instructions, but could not understand if the bsd boot loader can be placed in the usb (destination system volume) to boot then under my choice by selecting the USB source in the boot option menu, manually recalled when the pc is switched on.
Have seen that a rEFInd loader is what uefi bios like mine needs to be selected, I would like to know if it will change something in my bios / mbr (UNWANTED) or else everything will be in the usb (OK),
Thanks all


The MBR is part of a disk, not part of your BIOS.

When you install TrueOS on a USB stick, your USB stick gets a new MBR written on it, but the MBR on your other hard drives are not changed. Just make sure that the TrueOS installer is really going to only install to your USB.

Especially watch out for where the installer wants to put its swap space; it may try to use any swap space that appears to be available on any disks you have, and maybe that wasn’t what you wanted.


Thank you David, hope that the swap file positioning will be clearly handlable.
I also have the feeling that with a lot of RAM -16 Gb in my case- , swap file could be avoided (recent linux distribution installer have such option) , unless user is forced to place it by the TrueOs installation menu.