TrueOS becoming a core OS


Morover, iocage jail util supports only FreeBSD RELEASES

I’m using the fork of original iocage called iocell. From man iocell:

 create [-e] [base=[RELEASE|NAME]] [property=value] [property=value]

       By default create will deploy a new jail based on the host operating
       systems release. This can be changed by specifying the base option.
       By default a basejail is created that has a common shared base.
       The -e switch will create an empty jail which can be used for unsupported
       or custom jails.

Yeha! :cowboy_hat_face:


I would like that Trident could offer options to tune the system optimally targeted at desktop workstations. TrueOS, as far as I can see, is a server installation with a GUI on top.

System requirements for desktop workstations aren’t the same as those for servers. Some system tunings targeted at servers seem overkill when applied to desktop workstations - specially when using low-profile hardware.

For instance: servers require high performance of services and high reliability of data storage. Desktop workstations prefer having more RAM available to open and close a variety of applications quickly, and less services running in memory. Fast access to data storage is preferred over extreme reliability. And so on.


From what I can see, the build options are more tuned to the desktop.

If you notice anything, I’m guessing a github pull request (PR) would be useful. try and give it at least 2 releases for things to settle down.


Will Trident be available in Lumina (of course, our primary GUI shell :smiley:), Plasma 5, finally window managers of flavours?:wink:


Also ask for easy ways to get Trident alpha from my currently installed TrueOS 18.03.:+1: