TrueOS becoming a core OS


Thank you for all your hard work!

I take a bow to so much dedication.


in the voice of Elvis, thank , thank you very much :slight_smile:


That is true if you are using it as true-os. If you download Trident/upgrade from Trueos-destop to Trident then the same people will be focusing on the desktop aspects as always. Same thing as if you install ghostbsd.


Not so with ghostBSD.

he will gate the base os of trueos, but ghostBSD devs (out of canada) will be doing their thing with mate & xfce


We’ll wait and see how Trident project will sail. I hope that its development path will be similar to that of TrueOS/Lumina/AppCafe/Sysadm which made cutting edge FreeBSD release ez to install, functional and user friendly, at least for dummies like I :slight_smile:

No matter what Trident project(s) will lead to, I wish its developers all the best. In my view, TrueOS, the cutting edge variant of FreeBSD, was/is one of the better things that happened in *BSD like based OS, since Xenix, Next, Linux and the rest.


Regarding the AppCafe, it has other desktops in there now. I currently, have Mate and Gnome installed on my TrueOS. Will the AppCafe still have other desktops (besides Lumina) up to date and available of installation under the Trident project? Also will they be kept more up to date (AppCafe contains kde4 and kde5 is current)?


I’m not speaking for the project but what’s available in AppCafe is basically:
Anything that is in FreeBSD ports tree and builds at the time the repo is updated.

FreeBSD ports tree drives AppCafe. If it builds it’s in AppCafe. Not trivial to get an updated port committed to the FreeBSD project.


Just to drop in a couple links/descriptions for everybody before I run back to my “development cave”…

  1. The website for Project Trident is a modified grav template and all the sources are available on the project-trident/trident-website repository. It is basically just a collection of HTML “templates” and CSS files with all the page content in markdown files for easily adding/editing things later. Feel free to send in changes, since I am not a web developer and I am sure lots of you could fix things on the site much faster… :wink:

  2. The AppCafe is just a graphical front-end to the pkg utility, and all the packages in the repository are build from the FreeBSD ports tree.
    Going forward: TrueOS, Project Trident, and GhostBSD will be building packages from the TrueOS fork of the ports tree (which is synced with upstream FreeBSD almost every day), and anybody who wants to update/fix a port/package can just send in a pull request (PR) to that repository. Every PR to the TrueOS repo is evaluated within a 1-week window (usually within a day or two though), so all the projects will get the updated port(s) nearly instantly.


Grav’ity the flat CMS is pretty cool, tho it’s still PHP driven and full of Twig templates, YAML config files and uses Symfony framework. But yes, Drupal would be an overkill just for a blog-like website :slight_smile:

I think that most users were/are aware that AppCafe is a GUI front to “pkg” util for those who are too lazy to deal with pkg in terminal; I’m one of those - lol

Tho, Sysadm was/is the most handy GUI utility in TrueOS; without it, I’d have to read tons of howtos, man pages, use --help or -h switch with every command or uitl to do basic system tasks, and then edit all related config files. I forgot howto do all those things after my stroke :slight_smile:


YES! That’s why I like the (Sysadm) GUI too. Thanks for it.



Has there been any consideration towards a revision of TrueOS running on RELEASE? TrueOS is probably old enough that it was running on a then-CURRENT, now-RELEASEd kernel?

Doesn’t always running current basically mean TrueOS can’t be used in production where stability is required?

I ran into er… “ABI comparability issues” building RTEMS and dotnet core 2, as well as other issues running on TrueOS (CURRENT). It was some time ago, but it happens every now and then and the possibility makes me nervous now.

Either way, I’m excited to see what the next phase of the project brings. I’m just concerned because bringing Ghost under TrueOS means there is no GUI FreeBSD distro running on RELEASE.


Check this out.


Have you read --> TrueOS becoming a core OS


this is how I deal with OS core versions and releases to make things work for me in TrueOS with FreeBSD:

uname -a
FreeBSD vhostwww 11.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #26 fa797a5a3(trueos-stable-18.03): Mon Mar 26 00:24:47 UTC 2018     root@chimera:/usr/obj/usr/src/amd64.amd64/sys/GENERIC  amd64



Not sure what you mean. Your link only goes up to a comment about sysadmin gui. I’ve read the blog post a number of times but it doesn’t mention anything about running against RELEASE. I’m aware that TrueOS has always run against head and so I’m asking if the the possibility of a release branch (or a longer term build?) has ever been considered.

Incidentally I also tried to post on the blog but my comment never showed up.


I’m assuming that output is a uname from a bhyve vm?

I bought an old 32 core AMD server to run as a public build server for various things but it only has first gen virtualization extensions so it’s not great for bhyve. I was going to jail everything instead. The lack of a RELEASE kernel for TrueOS meant I only had one option.


It’s TrueOS as the core OS (kernel + chroot world) and the host for iocage jail, but it runs FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE inside the jail.

This is how I explain the automagic of FreeBSD jails to me - heh


Read it here to maybe get a better pic of iocage jails:

And, the diff versions info (uname -a) inside the jail is done with “setenv UNAME_r 11.1-RELEASE” , inside the jail, to fool (tell) the FreeBSD inside the jail which FreeBSD release is inside the house - LOL

Morover, iocage jail util supports only FreeBSD RELEASES


It’s actually the changes within the kernel that cause the difficulties. I had done that same thing but to no avail when I couldn’t build RTEMS. The difficulty is that building on a CURRENT based OS almost guarantees it will happen again.

Anyways, the real answer is for me to get off my fat, lazy ass and either fork ghost now, or learn to build TrueOS against RELEASE instead of CURRENT.

I still think TrueOS is awesome. I just can’t use it for everything.


Trident is considered to be a virus, a type of malware that is designed to create havoc in your computer. A Trident infection can be as harmless as showing annoying messages on your screen, or as vicious as disabling your computer altogether.


I just saw this. Tthanks, @beanpole135’s answer at the end is was I looking for.