TrueOS becoming a core OS


That folks, right there, is the money quote.

To me, this is a good thing. More hands helping. More infrastructure to help with the builds. More time allotted to working on it instead of “in spare time”. It also sounds like iX will likely be using TrueOS as a basis for their products (if not, sorry for reading too much into it).

Agreed. Most websites are overly flashy. Unless all your frameworks have undergone security audits, every one you use is a potential hole that is harder to see and harder to fix.


Overall, I appreciate the honesty of deciding that TrueOS is more of a core that you can build an operating system off of. In the past, it was difficult to understand what pieces were getting the focus (is TrueOS focusing on improving just Lumina or is it FreeBSD-CURRENT? where should one report bugs for one or the other?).

Putting Lumina and friends into it’s own project aimed at making a desktop BSD is good too. Nice to know where the borders are for everything. Desktop concerns go there (or to GhostBSD I guess).

I just hope that in 18 months time, there won’t be another name change. :slight_smile: Maybe this is a time to also change the older pc-* commands as well since we will be two deltas away from their original purpose (PC-BSD). Yes, I know there is yp* for NIS, but TrueOS and friends are better than NIS. Besides, there are always symlinks.

Curious what will happen to this discourse board as well. There is some knowledge here that is worth saving.


discourse isn’t going away.

talk of archiving was brought up. no decisions have been made on that


From ‘TrueOS to Focus on Core Operating System’:
‘…There will be migration paths available for those that would like to move to other FreeBSD-based distributions like Project Trident or GhostBSD.’
From project Trident FAQ:
‘As long as you have a TrueOS system which has been updated to at least the 18.03 release you should be able to just perform a system update to be automatically upgraded to Project Trident.’
From @RodMyers :
‘i’d wait until later this year. when things mellow out a bit’

Will the switching from ‘TrueOS STABLE / Lumina desktop environment 18.03’ to ‘Trident 18.?? / Lumina desktop environment’ happen automatically or do users have to follow a migration path?
May be those two quotes aren’t as contradictory as I read them. I will try to follow @RodMyers’s advice but that’s not easy.


TrueOS, which is what we are all using right now, will have one more update. Everyone should update at that time… This next update will get things better organised, underneath for a smooth upgrade.

Once the next update happens, the following update, we the users, will be to select Trident, or some other “distro”.

My bad if I was not clear in an earlier post.


Most probably, this will be a migration of a kind I’ve never done before. I’m sure, I’ll learn a thing or two.

Thanks in advance.


this “migration” should be nothing more than just another update.

Details are still being worked, but for us, here. it’ll be a simple update.


Sounds excellent to me.
I’m optimistic.

And thank You for Your quick answer.


thanks to yesterdays announcement, trying to make sure all of us know what is happening.

For most us staying on this desktop, nothing is supposed to change. just the name.

Talk from the developers, this might be an option down the road;

TrueOS -> TrueOS (the base system, roll your own)
TrueOS -> Trident (where most of us are, and will move to)
TrueOS - > GhostBSD (DE’s of MATE & XFCE)

I know our upgrade path will be smooth.

Hopefully that does not muddy the waters


I’m not concern about the update/upgrade path of TrueOS to whatever next. If either fails, the fresh install is not a big deal. I just hope for smooth update/transfer/imports related to iocage and its jails. Because jail system(s) is what got me addicted to FreeBSD and TrueOS.

Will Lumina, AppCafe and SysAdm be a part of Trident’s meta package(s) distribution, if one wish to install the new Trident Project distribution? Is there going to be such?

So, they will be considered legacy :frowning:

Got the answer from…

You’ll still have Lumina Desktop as a lightweight and feature-rich desktop environment and tons of utilities from the legacy TrueOS toolchain like sysadm and AppCafe.

I think that I understand now. So, the focus is on core OS and the rest is up to the user.


Thank you @RodMyers for your extensive answers!

I keep my fingers crossed, this commotion about the operating system won’t consume all the energy necessary to develop Lumina!


Now I have to tell my daughter that our preferred operating system is going to be named after a chewing gum’s brand name. :slight_smile:


That’s “Project Trident” :wink:


This name might cause problems for it is (too) long and it contains a blank or special character (’:’). I think there will be a more or less ugly abbreviation of it in use after a time.


no special characters in the name

And yes, it will probably be shortened to just Trident :wink:


Let’s hope this won’t start a trademark hassle!
Searching for ‘Trident’ returns a huge load of companies, organizations and services. Even the United Kingdom nuclear deterrence uses the name Trident.
At least the operating system will be recognized as: 'Trident? - Aahh - where did I hear this name before?


Desktop especially for TRIDENT now available!:star_struck:
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That’s why the official name is “Project Trident”


Finding Trident information becomes difficult - 95% irrelevant search results.

Not that I do not like the name … but the idea of Trident may not be fully developed.

What’s the URL of the project site? Is it?


It’s a work in progress at the moment.

The web site -> <- is up at the moment.

Currently, the 2 main devs, Ken Moore & JT Pennington are working on getting things set up, for a seamless transition, I’m moving over to this very same thing. And one other person handling other tasks.

As things get closer to release, I’m sure all of us will start getting things posted, etc