TrueOS becoming a core OS


I am not sure if I understand everything correctly. Does this mean, in the future, if I want to do a fresh install of new TrueOS and I want it to look exactly like legacy TrueOS, I just have to install new TrueOS (will it still have a graphical installer?) and pkg install lumina? Or do I have to switch to Project Trident (all new logos and such?)? What about upgrading legacy TrueOS?
I am feeling quite old right now. Everything was fine, why can’t it stay as it is? :wink:

Which repo URL are to migrate to Project Trident?

“allowing us to bring you hot new features to ZFS, bhyve and related tools”

Bhyve?.. I’m in… My processor doesn’t support EPT, as I read it not many (consumer class intel) processors do, while most of the intel server processors do (i.e. Xeon). Although I have heard that most of the “newer” AMD processors support RVI, but they wont state it on their specs. I found the sheet for inter where they specifically state which processors are EPT capable and which are not, AMD doesn’t want to tell you if they are RVI capabale they just say “Virtualisation capable.” Well, does that mean I can run Virtual Box? Because I can already do that! But I digress, and apolgize for the rant. Back to topic, it sounds like they are rebranding TrueOS into Trident, and spinning off a “server” edition. I’m cool with that, I will keep checking the Trident website, to try it out, I also am excited to see if they add “Bhyve tools” to make it easier to use in CoreOS.


one more TrueOS update, then

TrueOS (we’re running) becomes Project:Trident
TrueOS will become a fork of FreeBSD CURRENT
GhostBSD will soon be running on top of TrueOS as well.

nothing changes. the same 2 devs are still working on this project


if you use telegram, much simpler to ask/answer there.



Thanks @RodMyers for shedding some light on this. Much appreciated!


i know the cryptic messages were annoying, or worse


That’s right! Sometimes, it only takes 2 smart devs, 2 laptops and a good idea, just like GitHub and many other similar projects, and rest will follow :slight_smile:

I wish all the best for the TrueOS/FreeBSD/CoreOS/Lumina/TridentOS dev’s team. Tho, pls let us (the hard core TrueOS users who may want piece of the action) know when you decide to offer 1Unit=$1dollar stock certificates, before IPO - LOL

Didn’t take long for TureOS to become Legacy OS :slight_smile:


Not a legacy. becoming an OS to build upon


Well, the core OS that TrueOS is build upon is FreeBSD-12*, isn’t it? Why all the project name changes?

And then, new web (site) presence and name. I’m just curious why?


TrueOS is being built against CURRENT, and the iwll change to 13.-CURRENT when necessary

if you have telegram, head over there. easier to ask/answer there


This stuff may be a bit over my head (I’m new to BSD), but I’m really excited about the coming changes. I have received lots of great help on this forum and i’m looking forward to using True or whatever it’s called a lot more. I have the feeling it is more secure and just a better OS than anything out there.

I know someone like me is not the target audience, and I don’t expect the devs to cater to me. I will tag along as best I can, learning as I go. Can’t wait!


simple truth. for us desktop users, nothing changes, except the name. The 2 main developers are still keeping this moving forward.

If you do not like Lumina, then ghostbsd will offer mate and/or xfce.

if that doesn’t work for you, then stay on trueos, and roll you own.meaning you will be on your own.

Project:Trident will not be beholden to any corporation as to how “they” want things to look.

Hopefully that makes sense


Don’t be astonished :slight_smile:

It’s the same old story with new name, based on old tech, just like the new vehicles with the same 100+ years old internal combustion engines full of electronic gadgets that have nothing to do with eliminating dumb-ass drivers, road congestion and air pollution, lol


Why Telegram?

What’s wrong with Mumble over MurMur. Is it that hard for a niche community to set-up murmur so people can freely and anonymously connect with Mumble to type chat or use VoIP. Not sure about Apples, but MSOS and Android have client Mumble apps to connect over murmur. Don’t need to register or provide any credentials. I’ve been utilising murmur with Mumble for years. It worked great then and it does now.


telegram is what the devs decided on last year.

Though, if you pitch the idea to the devs. things can change


Development / search is like moving in the dark with a candle in your hand. You pave yourself in small steps, illuminated by the light of thought / idea. Who knows where this path will lead, but the movement is life. Brave guys with bright heads, I believe in you. Without possible errors there is no final release. I’m silent about M $, a hole in the hole, a patch on the patch - and nothing, people eat it the “unfinished” product bought as licensed.
Everything will be fine, a really interesting OS is created, modular, like FreeBSD - what you need, built itself up for you, rebuilt (the whole software product is free) - a dream for many who are not satisfied with the developer’s vision of closed OS.


Here is another suggestion. Apache, PHP and Drupal with theme could make look more professional and mobile devices friendly

I only suggest things that work for me - lol


i’d wait until later this year. when things mellow out a bit


I am not a Trident developer but a TrueOS developer. For those curious what these changes means for the base OS, and downstream projects which will use it see the list of differences from FreeBSD first:

It’s really the same thing we have been doing just more formal now, and with more resources from iX to support TrueOS. For example we now have a number of FreeNAS developers working on TrueOS. As a result more things are getting fixed, and things like ports are getting merged daily. We now have searchable forks of base, and ports. We also require reviewers for every PR, we are adding more automation, and QA into the mix as well.

For desktop users, or those wanting to build another desktop distro on TrueOS I have also made sure nearly every other display manager will finally work in 18.06. Slim, Lightdm, SDDM, GDM all work now with OpenRC. I also helped convert a large number of base services to OpenRC that we were missing for 18.06, and integrated beadm into base. We also ensured that ntp works now, and Ken contributed OpenRC scripts for Bluetooth support.

There are more things coming like new updater that supports etc merging which is undergoing testing, and hosting. We fixed a fair number of issues in the text installer, we decoupled meta packages from the text installer, integrated everything related to that into base, and now we have a simplified release building process. Hope this helps to give a bit of a clearer picture to help distinguish the TrueOS projects efforts, and clear things up a bit.


We want a static site so that we dont have to worry about vulnerabilities. Plain HTML is pretty hard for someone to hack due to some vulnerability. Plus, its eaiser to edit things. We can edit markdown files in our repo and then a script will crank out new HTML files for the site.

That’s our current plan for the website right now. Ken and I are not web developers… we’d rather keep things simple.


We’re happy to announce that Project Trident will take over graphical FreeBSD development going forward.

So Trident’s base is FreeBSD? Or TrueOS, based on FreeBSD-Current?