TrueOS/base.txz vs. FreeBSD/base.txz for jails?


I like jails, so I play with Warden and iocell jail creation/management utilities. I always use a template option, with the "base.txz from TrueOS/dist or FreeBSD/dist when creating new TrueOS/12.0 or FreeBSD/11.1 based jail with Warden or iocell. Other than different OS core versions, openrc in TOS, locations of pkg distribution and openssl versions, what is the major difference between base.txz for TrueOS vs. FreeBSD?


Improved support for bhyve VNC remote client. Ldap client imported from OpenBSD. Wrappers for pkg to instruct user to use pc-updatemanager. A change to init for pc-updatemanager to be able to run at shutdown. The jbootstrap, jinit, jdestroy tools, and man pages for pkg base jails using TrueOS packages. Different system wide defaults in defaults/rc.conf, and defaults/loader.conf. An autofs ruleset created to work with Lumina.


Thank you for the insights. Now, I know better what’s inside the base.txz, in TrueOS


I’ve created a couple of jails using jboostrap and jinit last year sometime. How do one update these jails to the latest TrueOS release ?


Replied in jail management thread.