TrueOS and DELL E6330


Hello Trues

Any info on TrueOS on Dell E6330???

I convinced a friend of mine to try TrueOS. He’s wondering abt Dell E6330 and TrueOS.


Hardware Recommendations for New TrueOS Users

having found the specs online. It “appears” to look good for running TrueOS., here’s the handbook entry on requirements.



I should have included the DELL E6330 hardware specs.



no biggie, most people forget as well.

if, you/they boot the USB img, before they install/. one of the bottom left icons is the hardware compatibility switch. check out


I’m dual booting it with Mint Linux. It works very well, except for the intel driver issues that everyone is having. I’m hoping those will disappear when the driver upgrades. In modesetting, it’s fine, but too slow for Endless Sky…


ok Rod

i will not forget that

thank you


my friend and I don’t play Endless Sky.

would the intell driver issues affect day to day simple usage(web, email, word processing, PDF, online radio, youtube etc)???

i/she can get a Dell E 6330 for 200 Euros, much cheaper than getting the whole shabang.

im considering buying it too.

since i am a novice, i think it might be wiser to begin with such a machine

thanks guys


FYI: With the latest round of updates the Intel driver seems to be almost completely fixed now. We are getting full GPU acceleration and even suspend/resume support on our Intel laptops again, so I think these lingering reports of Intel driver issues will be slowly dying out once everybody updates… :wink:


Is this update already available on STABLE?


It was just pushed out this last week (Feb 7).
We have not set it up to automatically enable the GPU acceleration for the Intel driver yet - you will need to turn that on manually within your /etc/X11/xorg.conf first.

Since the updates are brand-new, we are giving it a bit more time for people to test the accel options first before we turn it on globally.


helllo beanpole

this baby should run True well, right???

greets and thanks for TrueOS

ps> i do realise youve posted this a long time ago…stilll…

hello rod + mer + graham

i used to come her as leon

a good son always comes home …:slight_smile:


The details on that site are a bit vague - but I don’t see anything in particular that jumps out with big warning signs…

The main question I would have is what type of wifi chipset is used? As long as it is not broadcom I think your chances of it working are pretty good.


thanks a lot

i will definitely check the cheeky chipset…:slight_smile:


it seems that it is broadcom :frowning:

i will install on a 7440 instead, if i can get my hands on a good deal…

thanks for the advice
much appreciated