TrueOS 18.12 installation is not as the Installation guide says


I was following this installation guide
to install on trueos on virtual box but when i get to the step 2.3 its diferent and i dont know what to do. there is no graphical interface. i mean there is letters and i can use keyboard to browse the options but its not the same as in the guide and when it finishes installing there is no Desktop enviroment is command line only.

i got the iso from what i believe to be the official site
but there is no checksum file for this version.

there was no checksum with the name of this version only for 18.03, i supose the latest-desktop.img.md5 is the one i suposed to check but the md5 does not match with it anyway.

i am starting to think some smartass hackers knowing there was not checksum for this version decided to troll people by swapping the isos with a version without a DE


any trueos ISO later than 1803 is server only.

this isn’t pure trueos, so that guide is very out dated.

there is NO upgrade path from 1803.

taken from telegram

he TrueOS “desktop” edition has been discontinued and TrueOS is now a distribution platform (with it’s own server-focused release images as well).

For desktop alternatives we recommend: