TrueOS 18.06: PlexMediaServer Not Starting On Boot


OK, with 18.03 effectively discontinued, I did a fresh install (even used a fresh hard drive) for 18.06.

The install actually went very smoothly to so kudos to the developers.

The only headache I’m having is getting plexmediaserver to start on boot. It did so in 18.03 but for the life of me I can’t get it to start on boot.

Yes, the package is installed and yes plexmediaserver_enable=“YES” is in the rc.conf file.

There must be something rediculously obvious I’m missing.

Is there anything else I need to look into or need to change to get it to start on boot?

The only oddity that comes to mind is there is no file for plexmediaserver in /etc/rc.d.

As always, my thanks in advance.


Probably because it’s converted to openrc service. Try rc-update to start it on boot by default. rc-update add plexmediaserver default or something. Sorry, don’t have trueos box handy.


to add to @vit yep it should be OpenRC not FreeBSD init.

Check if there is an OpenRC script for it:
rc-status -a | grep -i plex

if so, as root/sudo, to add startup to the boot runlevel:
rc-update -v add plexmediaserver boot