TrueOS 18.03 Now Available


The 18.03 update to the STABLE branch as just been announced:

This release focuses on a lot of security concerns and mitigations in lieu of the Meltdown/Spectre exploits earlier this year. Please read the release announcement, as there is a lot of good info in there about the security mitigations as well as package updates and more.


Just ran the update. Whew, it took awhile, but all is well, system runs great. Nice job. Good to know you are on top of meltdown/spectre. Thanks!


As far as I know, all issues I had with 17.12 STABLE were resolved by updating to 18.03 STABLE. Absolutely happy!

The only thing I noticed was that I had to install i386-wine because i386-wine-staging was not available anymore. And I did not even had to reinstall my only windows programm!

Many thanks to the devs and all supporters!


I noticed that the installer does not even ask for IPv6 configuration of the interfaces selected. Is this intentional?


why would the installer ask that?

not int he KISS way of doing things


It asks for IPv4 details.


during the install phase? I don’t recall that.

Unless your computer connects directly to the internet why need ipv6

Besides, that point is moot.

The Trident installer is being rewritten


I don’t know that, I am “just” the user who downloaded the latest version.


Then look over the “new” posts and find that answer