Trident: which ports tree to use


Hello there,

I’m on the latest Trident release build and have downloaded the TrueOS ports tree via git via

git clone /usr/ports

Not sure though if that’s the correct way to do it. I am trying to rebuild xorg-server as I seem to need it with hal support for my Wacom tablet.

When I try to make xorg-server, I get the following error:

make: “/usr/ports/Mk/” line 1182: Unable to determine OS version. Either define OSVERSION, install /usr/include/sys/param.h or define SRC_BASE.

This leads me to believe I am doing things wrong here. Any ideas?


You can take a look at this thread: Port compilation errors on Project Trident for some information.
In other threads It was also talked about missing development tools which had to be installed. For instance this post: Project Trident 1812 release - discusion here.


Thanks, @RJules3

these were helpful. I was missing the dev packages.



You are welcome @sunshine! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!