Trident U3 is available


Trident U3 is available.

in a terminal type

sudo sysup -check

to get updated

Failed to update

The update worked at first glance. But now I have for every service file in etc/init.d a second file called <servicename>.pkgnew.
Oops, my bad. The files were there before the update. My guess is from tinkering with trueos-update -upgrade. Created a new BE and removed the files. Everything is fine.


Frequent Updates are a feature of Trident, does Trident upgrade U3 include U2 & U1 or are upgrades to be done in sequence?


for the sake of argument, sequential/cumulative

no one has to do every update, but the latest will have the latest fixes, additions, etc


I just tried to install from Trident-18.12-RELEASE-U3-x64-20190205.iso into a ZFS partition. Same problem as before, installs without problems but doesn’t boot.


start a new thread, type “about” and paste into it.

video card info, and memory info.

we’ll see what we can do