Trident install into TrueOS boot env not available


Hi there,

I downloaded the latest Trident iso today and tried installing into a boot env vs. plain new install (currently running TrueOS and would like to keep my files, etc.). However, the option “install into boot env” would not be checkable.

Does anyone have an idea how I could solve this?


From my understanding, there is no direct upgrade path from TrueOS to Trident.

However, there have been people that have successfully upgraded from TrueOS to Trident, but I think that is more by accident than by design… I think @vttfreebsd is one that has done that.


I had to do a plain new install after making a backup of my personal files.

I’m afraid the upgrade option (if feasible) will not be worth the huge effort (and headaches) you will have.

But if you really must, then try searching the forums.


@sunshine when you say running “trueos”, what exactly do you mean? If you type “about” in a terminal, that will tell us exactly your starting point.
If you are running what I call “TrueOS Desktop Legacy 18.03” (the last update for the TrueOS desktop before Trident) then what everyone is telling you about “back up your files and fresh install Trident” is correct. FreeBSD changes the loader and even if you got it installed in a new BE you may have trouble. I did.
If you are confident in working at the command line and you can get an external drive big enough (I used a WD Passport that Walmart had for relatively short money) we can walk you through setting it up as a ZFS zpool and then you can just use ZFS send and zfs receive to send your existing user dataset (I think old TrueOS had /usr/home/username as a separate dataset) to the external drive and then help you recover it after a fresh install.


Thanks everyone. Seems I’ll go for a fresh install then. @mer that’s precisely what I am at right now.
All good, just thought it was possible out of the box to use the “install into BE” option. I’m fine from here on.



Once FreeBSD changed boot loaders, from forth to lua. seeing previous BE’s was a roll of the dice. I could see mine one day, and not see it for 3. That’s why I did a fresh install