Trident: Install: can't find '/boot/entropy'


Hello All,

I am attempting to install Trident on a machine that currently has TrueOS 18.03 installed and running. I burned the following DVD: Trident-18.12-RELEASE-U6-x64-20190227.iso

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I need to switch from TrueOS to Trident and UEFI



does it stop there? I do not think it matters


Yes Sir, It stops at this point.

My PC is an HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF



have you checked the checksum?

can you try using a flash drive?

EFI booting?


If you are asking whether I booted EFI or Legacy, I did EFI.
I think the TrueOS was installed Legacy… Just now learning how to do EFI.

The checksum matched. I will purchase some USB Thumb drives to try booting via USB instead of DVD.

Anything special I need to do to put ISO onto USB? Or do I just need dd?



also was pointed out, to see if you have a BIOS update as well

what speed did you burn the DVD? Try the slowest speed


I had the same problem as you… In some cases, it dropped me to >mountroot
I blamed the DVD’s until I went through 7 of them. Finally got an 8 Gig flash drive and entered the following command:

dd if=Trident-18.12-RELEASE-U7-x64-20190311.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=10M conv=sync

From my TrueOS desktop and it finally installed on my laptop after that…