Trident dual boot with Windows 10?


I had TrueOS 18.3 nicely dual booting with Windows, however try what I might I can’t get the Trident 18.12 installer to play nice, even on a dedicated disk. Is there any way to do this?


you haven’t searched discourse.

the new freebsd LUA installer has issues with the older forth installer.

it’s a roll of the dice if/when it sees the older BE’s.

There is no direct upgrade path at this time

what are you trying to accomplish?


Thanks Rod. Yes, I have experienced inconsistent behaviour re: discovery of older BEs, thanks for pointing it out. I understand there is no direct upgrade path at present. Currently I’ve tried doing clean installs of 18.12 on a dedicated disk (on SATA 3) but the actual boot process fails after the install is successful as the boot loader can’t find a bootable disk.

Basically I’m looking for a general replacement for the Win10 system, and want to run a desktop on Trident plus a plex server. I have a fairly modern machine to put it on 8 core i7 with 16G ram. Install the usual LibreOffice apps, keepass, mail, browsing etc. Nothing too exotic. Frankly I’m self educating on Trident/FreeBSD and had found working with TrueOS to be very helpful on this journey. Am currently running pfsense with excellent results for years on another dedicated server as my main FW and eventually plan to tryout FreeNAS on dedicated hardware, probably from iXsystems. Would like to continue with Trident if possible, and retain Windows capability on the same machine for rare uses of specialized apps.

Appreciate any wisdom or insights you may care to offer. Currently Trident bootloader can’t see the boot image on disk and booting (legacy) fails.

I will search discourse more completely - thanks for the reminder.


Unable to see the boot disc is one of the damn issues we experienced as well.

the only thing I can offer, is under windos or linux, reformat the partition, and start fresh. backing up the ~/HOME directory beforehand


Done. Success! I now have the system up and configured the way
I want with a new BE. Thanks for your help.

  >Unable to see the boot disc is one of the damn issues we

experienced as well.

  Turns out in my case reformatting the partition AND forcing UEFI

boot (not legacy) from the install disc as well were critical.
Had to work around my own bios issues… Legacy boot and/or MBR
partitions lead to the installer simply not seeing the boot
disc.(?) Could be the HP bios on this machine having its own


… meant to add: FYI Qterminal was NOT installed by default.
One of your other posts on discourse was very helpful in getting
me to understand that it needed to be installed manually. Right
clicking on the desktop showed Terminal as an option, but
functionally it did nothing except offer other apps.


Was it even an option when you installed?

Sometimes, even using the same flash drive, things don’t always show up at install time


No - it was not an option.


that’s a timing issue, or so @beanpole135 thinks.

sorry about that. we can never reliably reproduce that, so it can be fixed

my issue was always falkon. same flash drive. One time it would be absent, next time it would be there.


Understood - thanks.