Trident build status


okay, quick upate on what’s happening.the “version” of trueos we are using is missing a bit of bugs fixes, updates, etc. @beanpole135 is having a conversation with the trueos dev, trying to see what can be done. Maybe backporting stuff, or finding a stable version of trueos.

Not sure when we will know an answer. But there you have it


taken from telegram

Ken Moore, [22.10.18 13:30]
Right now it is looking like we will be moving from the trueos-stable-18.06 branch of TrueOS to the trueos-master branch for a bunch of needed fixes. still working on the details

the reason this has come about. RC1 built just fine. The first RC2 had issues with ssl & qt4/qt5 failures.

once weekend settled, @beanpole135 started looking at the trueos github “tags”. trident has been using the stable branch, which is a good thing. Except when things in the master branch get fixed, and not backported.

This is also, MeetBSD week, so most of the iX devs are in california for that, so …


Fun Fun Fun.
Assuming it’s still GIT behind the scenes, tag trueos-master so you can get repeatable Trident builds.
Seriously, thanks for the update.


yeah, I know.

trying my best to post here, with relevant news.

frustrating dealing with the ever changing trueos landscape at the moment

Welcome news.
Thank you for sharing!


Eh? To me it seems like this project has evolved to a real alphabet soup :wink:

This sounds good. But wasn’t Trident based on the Stable TrueOS 18.03 Desktop from start? Rather than 18.06 Server?
I thought the whole idea with Trident was the new Desktop version i.e. based on TrueOS 18.03

Yes, that’s what I assumed. But looking at the TrueOS Download site, which one are we talking about?

“TrueOS Stable (Current Release: 18.06)”
That’s the Server version, right?

“TrueOS Unstable (18.03 Legacy)”
Is someone still using this?

“Browse Downloads”
Here you’ll find the Stable 18.03 Desktop that I’m using on my laptop.

Trident has been built on top of TrueOS 18.06.



I’m still using 17.12, because of LibreSSL issues at work.


I’m worse, still on PC-BSD on my desktop :wink:
It works, but some websites are complaining that my browser (Firefox) is too old :laughing:

However, I’m on 18.03 on the laptop (upgraded from 17.12), 18.03 looks better but same function like no system sounds (like e.g. warning sounds etc.) and no mic. However @RodMyers said in the other thread that @beanpole135 is looking at it. Sounds good.

I plan to install Trident on the desktop when it comes as the Stable hot release (not RC) if it looks good on the laptop (that will be the test when it’s released).

On the other hand, I’m thinking of connecting my spare HDD by my USB-adapter and install RC1 or 2 on it just to see how it looks.
I have 18.03 present on it and it works, looks kinda good and even the mic works (on the desktop that is). Probably due to different hardware.

Just a question on the sentence above: Can Trident (RC1 or 2) be installed on top of 18.03 or do I need to do a fresh install?


Boot Environments are you friend. 1803 is the best option at the moment

Right now, RC1 was removed, as we thought RC2 was working. We lost all of RC1

The “stable” build was not building things properly, as original message stated.

@beanpole135 is looking moving to the UNSTABLE branch on getting things fixed.

“A” reason for no upgrade path, many items have been moved, relocated, etc. So, @beanpole135 it trying to get the build server re-configured for the change-over.

This change over would have been necessary for anything past the 1812 releases


We are patient crazy people, eagerly awaiting !

I have a nice 128 Gb SSD just sitting on my desk awaiting its chance to run Trident.

Am stuck with FreeBSD 12, on a laptop, with no GUI till then, and of course my HTosh Lenovo desktop.

keep up the great work, we know however crazy we are, the development of it is even CRAZIER ! (Like the Count in Love at First Bite).

Doc James


between the moving target of trueos, then freebsd change over from 12-CURRENT to 13-CURRENT, yeah made that moving target real fun.

From what I saw on the road, and what I was told. this should be a very simple (I know, nothing is ever simple) build and push today


Lucky build number 200! It all seems to have passed in Jenkins.


Fortunately. I hope the devs can go on fixing bugs from now on. The issue tracker has been quite steady lately.