Trident Beta 3: Surprise, surprise: reboot


Sorry, but I have to rant.

My system suddenly got rebooted without any warning messages. After the reboot, an update/upgrade process took place. While it is ok to inform the user that there is an update/upgrade available, it is NOT OK to do this without any information, warning message or alike. No one would use Trident as a normal working system if this behavior would be standard.

  1. Was this an install into BE?

  2. was everything working on “upgrade”?

this was NOT trident issue. This is a trueos issue.

I’ll file a bug ticket on friday after talking to trueos devs on thursday


It was an automatic upgrade after the reboot, followed by another reboot. And after this, all seems to work fine. The Firefox bugs and another xfce4-terminal bug are obviously fixed.


i knew it was an auto upgrade/reboot.

Was this a fresh install or install into Boot Environment?


I had done a fresh install on Sep 27.


weird. started doing mine on a BE install. Nothing on a fresh install


So the automatic reboot/upgrade would normally not occur a few days after a fresh install?


trying to figure this out.

trueos is changing many things underneath.

So far, 1 fresh install, and 1 BE install. trying to figure out any common denominator