Trident and Lumina


From what I’ve been able to read between the lines on the TrueOS blog, the existence of Trident signals that TrueOS is backing away from Lumina. Not completely, not in the sense of “canning” it, but making what once looked like the flagship product into an optional afterthought.

OK, maybe that’s a good idea, I don’t know.

I’ve ended up abandoning TrueOS because the TrueOS team is continually switching focus, starting new projects before the previous project even gets off the ground. There’s a major difference between “cutting edge” and “no project ever approaches its intended state of function, it’s always pushed aside before that can happen”.

Is there a marketing push to always have an undeveloped project with a new name, to dangle in front of investors or something? I don’t understand.

If someone asks me what TrueOS is, I have to say “I’m not sure, let me check, I thought I knew last week”. :slight_smile:


Your frustration I understand @david_a!

Being “happy” with hardware and software is something I think to be achieved very seldom, if ever.

My view of this is different:

Basis is FreeBSD Current (12 at the moment) —> focus of the FreeBSD Foundation.

From this basis is derived TrueOS —> focus of iXsystems their products are also FreeNAS, TrueNAS, and servers.

TrueOS is the basis of Trident —> focus of just a handful of enthusiasts with an extreme professional attitude, trying to get more of the community seriously involved. They are working to provide the user with an easy to install system which is starting graphically out of the box.

That concludes the operating system level.

Now Lumina is the desktop environment on top of any operating system supporting it. Lumina is the desktop environment of choice for Trident. Unfortunately its development is also not bolstered by a large crowd - though I think Lumina to be worth all the work.

The desktop environment Lumina on TrueOS is my main system for about 10 months now. Living in a mixed environment of TrueOS/coming Trident, Linux (Devuan), and Windows (7, 8, 10) doesn’t make this always a very fulfilling experience. The different file systems (ZFS, ext4, NTFS) are a real hassle. Of course the future is not ours to see but hopefully there will be existing an easy to use desktop featuring ZFS!